Would you…

Will ask that question again once I show you some of the pics I took for one of my Sponsors KraftWork ~ who is participating in the Builders Box for this month…for those that are not in the know about Builders Box it is a subscription box that comes every 3 months dedicated to Builders creations and seriously if you love different type of buildings, houses and such this is truly a great subscription that you should consider getting…for more info on it please click HERE  lot of great information and all the details you want ~ with the help of my Bestie Dena and some suggestions from another blogger Moz Loordes I hope this will give you a great idea as I do love KraftWorks item for this ~

The Ad for the Basement loft 

I will say upfront that I am not a professional decorator like my friend Moz or as good as Dena is as she really helped me with the decorating ~ and will say that as a team we do rather awesome~so this is how we would want our space to look like ~

Living Room 

We started with the living/seating area with a splash of color that would make the space pop ~ as you can see 2 of our kitties decided to also claim their space ~ our thoughts on this as we did not want it to look too over crowded ~ keeping the prim level down too ~

Writing and sleeping area

To create a little more space we grabbed inside our vast inventory for a hanging bed that really fit right in the corner and hubby slid his office desk to make a little office space for any writing or taking care of just stuff…

Kitchen Area 

Again to give some pop of color and keeping with the blue we decided to make an area for the kitchen and always love plants so course we wanted to brighten up the place with more plants ~ we did forget to add a little table for our breakfast but still the area looks nice and we can still go outside to eat ~

Patio Area 

Lot of space to work with and the nice bench for relaxing along with the Zen tea service makes a really nice area to relax after a hard day…

Other Half of Patio area

Course Zeus the dog found a nice area to relax in as you can see the other half of the courtyard area ~ makes for enough room to also if you wanted an outdoor patio set…This basement loft really has a lot of space that you can decorate simply as I did or go to the extravagant like my friend Moz did with his space HERE

This was really fun especially having Dena to help me and below is the list of all the items used in decorating ~ KraftWork has some great items at the Main store along with being part of the Builders Box that you can still purchase on Marketplace ~ great bargain for 10 designer builds that might include skyboxes like this one or full size homes or other architecture ~ now my question to you is would you want to live here…


tarte ~ Skylar hanging bed ~ Luxe Box past
[merak] ~ Oval brass mirror ~
iso ~ Wired wall light
NBN ~ Vintage office desk “Esme”
[QE] Home wall art “Hunger”
[UK] grandma’s vintage mirror
*Unknown creator* antique freudian couch on loan not available
Dench Designs ~potted plant 
KraftWorks ~ Vintage radios ~ available at Main Store 
Lilith Heart ~ White daisies
Jian ~ Kitty on pillow
Shop Sue ~ Siamese cat
6’oclock ~ rustic table Cosmo gift
Exposeur ~hat rack
Bee Design ~ Elegance gacha
Grey stripe rug ~ handmade by bestie
lisp ~ Lilly chair
[CW] Megaplant Stand
KraftWork ~ Easy like sunday morning ~ available on Marketplace
[Merak] Fridge from Dec(o)rate past Subscription Box
[Merak] came with Happy Kitchen Set  
Lok ~ Oval floorlamp ~ 
what next~ Summer garden hanger & planter
what next ~ Bramley bench
Mad Pea ~ Gong fu tea set from August Dec(o)rate Box
[AF]  Herb garden log seat
JA Weimerian Dog
Soy ~ Shitamachi Ally garden
Kraftwork Puebla chairs ~ Group Gift 

One thought on “Would you…

  1. You two make a great decorating team! And you’ve done a lot more with the patio than I have… looks super 🙂 There’s a surprising amount of space in that loft. I would definitely like to live there 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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