Is he kidding…

Tonight I walk into our guest bedroom for the first time and I am going “seriously” as I shake my head around looking at what am seeing ….my sweet hubby does have a sense of humor but…well just see for yourself if you think this is an appropriate bed for company…

Wearing Toris Stylez “Snooze Jammy Pants

Ummm do you see a problem cuz I see a major one ~ sighs but it is late and I just slipped on the MOST comfiest jammies that Tori from Tori’s Stylez created for Designer Showcase this month ~ are they just adorable OMG I love them ~ ok let me figure this out and tell you also all about the jammies…

Climbing up 

OMG  am I supposed to ask a guest to climb this ladder to sleep cuz that is not going to happen ~ plus who stacks mattresses this way ~ geeez again as I shake my hair love my hubby but…this is just ummm nope nada no way ~

Made it up 

Only thing am liking are these jammy pants ~ top is not included but she has created these not just for females OH NO but for children and Dads as well ~ plus the cutest hud that has from unicorns, smiley faces, trucks and much more ~ everyone will have faves and no not all girlie girl either ~ but I sit up here and look over the edge hey its a long way down and the way I toss and turn at night I know that my body would end up in a heap sometime during the night sooo this is just not gonna work ~

Decision time

Oh did ya notice I changed ~ yup that great hud with 25 options AND the kids ones has more cuter solid colors ~ but hey don’t just listen to me ramble on and on you gotta take this TAXI especially you with the little ones and come to Designer Showcase to see what Tori and all the other Designers have set out for you this month ~ lot of goodies with demos as well ~ alright I love hubby but this bed is gonna have to go ~

Credits ~ And yes Kay of Image Essentials  created this Princess and Pea bed for Fable Fair that has some adorable poses in it ~ as well huge Kudo’s to Tori of Tori’s Stylez for giving me the opportunity to show off these ADORABLE jammy pants called “Snooze ~ thank you bunches ~


Modish Leta Catwa Skin Applier PP Feb.
Blueberry – October – Group Gift – Maitreya
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Tableau Vivant \\ Caprice (messy) – Blonds
TS-Snooze -Womens<LARA>
*ys&ys Catwa Shape tweaked

Shot at my Residence using props by Image Essentials and poses from the Anna Series by Image Essentials as well 

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