Seaside outing…

Taking a trip in RL to my nearest beach called Brighton is a great outing for me as believe it or not I try and go as often as I can as I just love the atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of the streets and exploring the lanes, so was really pleased to find that SL has a Brighton Beach too ~grabbing Starr as I wanted to show her one of our Great British landmarks, plus was also looking forward to checking it out ~ along with this being a duel post that we both will be wearing Journey’s top and jeans ~ so follow us as we zip over to Brighton Pier and have a walk around ~

Brighton Pier ~ 

We have to be careful when got to there as I told Starr about how greedy the seagull can be with can even see the seagulls got smart and we watched them trying to take a whole trash can away ~ theses Journey jeans and Journey top by Prism are just right for a seaside trip, cool and comfortable which is what we liked when out and about, with their paisley pattern fit right in down here at Brighton as you see people dressed very casual..

Starr and I both wearing Surfside/Seaside Fades by Prism

Both of us spied the photo board that is always fun ~ check us out LOL

Me as a Mermaid and Starr as the Diver 

Yes Starr nudged me to give you closer looks and a bum look as well so just bare with me as I am not as fast with the cam as Starr is hehehe

Bum View of Top and Jeans by Prism

Can you see how nicely they shape my bum as well with the turned down draping and if you look just above my neck you can see the clasp of Chop Zuey’sShadow of Iris” choker~as always the details impress me with her work…

Starr wearing Shadow of Iris Choker, Bracelet and Earrings

Here you get a nice closer look at the choker and bracelet plus the fact it has a gorgeous hud with many features of being able to resize along with changing the beads from each side ~ once you see mine you will notice how I changed ~

Myself wearing Choker and Earrings by Chop Zuey also

Really lovely design work that to me screams excellent workmanship and quality that Chop Zuey is known for ~ from the choice of gems and metals it all is something I would really wear in RL as well…

Sita Sandals by Shoenique

Starr and I both chose comfy sandals for a walk on the boards and Shoenique’s Sita Sandals were just the right ones ~ btw they are at this months Designer Showcase too ~ from all that walking around I saw Starr with one of those mobility scooters and we had a go at using them to have some crazy driving around the entire pier ~ she is a good a driver as me, which in SL is not saying a lot good thing no one was around that we had to scream “get outta the way”

Watch out everyone 

Our outfits held up and still look fabulous after spending an afternoon at the shore and got to point out different but same things that the RL Brighton Beach has as well ~ the Seaside Fades Tops by Prism will go perfectly with the Surfside Fades Jeans also by Prism and in case you are curious there are demo’s as well for fit purposes ~ hope each of you enjoyed our little excursion and no again Starr reminded me to give you a RIDE to Designer Showcase so you can walk around and look at all this months goodies and btw have you actually walked outside the Showcase as Aisha Convair owner of Designer Showcase has set up a nice area to sit and chat with tables and umbrellas ~ till next time as you never know where Starr and I will be off to but as always stay safe and be good to one another ♥

Am wearing:

Amara catwa skin applier Justine June -Powder Pack
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Dew
Shoenique Sita White Sandals
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Prism Journey Jeans – Surfside Fade – Maitreya – Driftwood
Prism Journey Jeans Top – Seaside Fade – Maitreya – Sea Glass
Chop Zuey Shadow of Iris – Choker Necklace
Chop ZueyShadow of Iris – Cross Earring – Lft
Chop ZueyShadow of Iris – Cross Earring – Rt
Hair No match~no Fun~
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape tweaked

Starr is wearing:

“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Prism Journey Jeans – Surfside Fade – Maitreya – Surf
Prism Journey Jeans Top – Seaside Fade – Maitreya – Aqua
Shadow of Iris – Bracelet
Shadow of Iris – Choker Necklace
Shadow of Iris – Cross Earrings
Sita White Sandals
Modish (Leta) Catwa skin applier from Feb PP

Shot all on location of Brighton Pier ~ using various poses from LumiPro2017

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