Home of who…

Found a new place to explore called *Agora Forest *and OMG! when I landed was so shocked to see this Giant/Ogre standing there staring at me..He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, and said ‘Welcome‘ in a very deep voice asking if he could help me told him that I had come to explore and to show off this lovely skin and outfit from Designer Showcase which is running until the 31st of August but did not think they would have anything to fit him I was sorry to say..

Ogre Welcomes Me 

Asked if I might take his picture as people back home would not believe me and he agreed, he was very gentle not making any sudden moves and I was able to take this photo with me wearing this two piece top and pants from *Evolve called Abianna*and give you a first glance at this skin from *AvadaAmaria* which I will tell you about once I have moved as to be honest he is making me a little nervous still..

Back view with a Pixie Imp

Thanked him and told him that I’m off to explore ~ wandering around here I see why the giant lives here among all the trees so he can hide really well if people do come for a visit ~ came across a little well and a pixie imp not sure what to call him but he told me to drop a penny in the well and make a wish which I did lol ~ oh no cannot tell you what I wished for as then it would not come true ~ Gives me a breather from walking to show you the top in more detail from Evolve with its one shoulder, floaty, colorful frill to enhance the plain soft material and fitted bodice, comes with a separate hud for the top and bottom great for mix matching…And you can see from the back that I did change the color of the pants to compliment the top..
As I waved goodbye to the little man and took one last look letting you get a good look at this Skin by Avada that has 10 color options as well as a demo ~

Wearing Catwa Skin Applier by Avada ~ 

From very light to very dark Avada has with each 10 color choices included a shape ~ you might want to take time to tweak it to your specifics as what I have noticed at times the height is shorter than my liking ~ the above pic is wearing my own shape with this Avada skin Catwa applier ~ Was a nice visit and waved again to the Ogre and the little imp saying that I would come back again for another visit ~ As I head home to sleep for awhile here is your RIDE to go visit Designer Showcase ~ please stay around as Starr and I have done a dual post together that I think is quite nice…be safe ~ hugs Dena ♥

Credits ~ Shot on location of Agora Forest using poses from the LumiPro hud ~ 

Avada Catwa Skin Applier -Amaria
Evolve ABIANNE pantsMaitreya
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
IKON Odyssey Eyes (left) – Dew
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Magika Hair Mint
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape tweaked

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