As I sit on the bench at my home couple things have been on my mind as someone else has mentioned it and it was discussed in a group chat once ~ events are truly over saturating Second Life ~ yes I know that I blog for a couple the bigger events I choose because they are ones for Charity like next months “Rock Your Rack” that supports National Breast Cancer Foundation ~ also the Relay for Life events ~ just if you have been around SL for over 3 years you must know how more and more Fairs, events are happening weekly ~ even the designers are being stretched to their limits ~ go to Seraphim and just look for example this months  listings of  the Fairs that are ongoing and then on top of that there are all sorts of events from A to Z listings ~ people laugh but how much shopping can we all do?  Are the Designers spreading themselves too thin and burning themselves out ~ Events for me used to be special like every couple of months or even once a year like the “Pose Fair or the Hair Fair” now you don’t have to wait because any event you see hair or poses and does anyone go back to the stores or is all shopping being done at events now and stores are becoming non existent like in RL where so much is being done online well there are xceptions like grocery stores and good ole Walmart that never fails to be crowded when I shop ~ I tend to wonder with all these fantastic sims to explore and clubs to go dancing in are people missing out ~ are we becoming just shopoholics rushing here and there ~ personally my wish is some events would pull back to every other month or every six months so we can enjoy them again and then maybe this is just me and not a majority speaking ~ yes I love love showing readers the latest fashions and trends but I also love showing where to go in Second Life to enjoy some of the most creative Sims ~ where time stands still so you can just walk around, or sit and chat with friends or your special someone ~ or even enjoy sounds of live music wearing your latest gowns or clubwear and would love to hear some of my readers thoughts on this please ~ even store owners what your thoughts on this over saturation of events ~ thanks for listening to my rambling…


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  1. I think it all boils down to money. Sim owners make on holding events. Designers make on producing items. The shopping frenzy shows no signs of abating and if you stick “new!” on something, the sheep start queuing ready to click. The bloggers scrabble to show the newest items and are rewarded as they rise in popularity and ranking, fuelled by the enjoyment of competition and ego boosting. In fact, there’s a whole lot of ego boosting going on – one way or another and none of it subtle. This is what you get when a previously creative and social game becomes a rat race when it has the capacity for folks to earn a living. It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it – or would like to know it.

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    1. Wish I could agree it all boils down to monies but how many events are truly getting the traffic ~ speaking with some “Designers” they are pulling out of these events because they are not making the money because of the oversaturated events ~ might be way of life as an explanation but the quality is lacking when Event producers wanted Quality items now does not matter just cram them in cuz why do they care they got their fees ~ am trying to look forward but event after event becomes old and the community is becoming numb

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