I can Explain…

Sighs sometimes I just never learn ~ you would think I would but I don’t and yes a pic is worth a thousand words so here it is…but but once you look let me explain OK?

My Mugshot

Yes it looks bad but hey you said I could explain sooo here goes ~ the day started out really well as I spent some time with Bestie as we figured out what was causing her some issues ~ ok so far that was good ~ then we went over to Designer Showcase looking around because doors do open tomorrow ~ pssst and yes am wearing one of Avada’s latest skin but more on that later ~ even got a very nice invite by Hilly Haalan to become one of her bloggers ~ thank you again and ummm hope this doesn’t ruin it for me ~ anyway I got this mysterious text to meet I thought it was from Bestie so put on this newest outfit from Hilly and wait I have pics ~

Wearing “Faith” by Hilly Haalan

Uber sexy right ~ and hey what you see the boots, shorts, top and that cute purse are included ~ so its still all good but here is the thing as you look up you can tell the name of the place “Trouble” guess that should of been my first clue but did I heed that little red flag ~ NOPE…ooh yes these boots are sooo fantastic give me a moment ~

Boots included 

Do they look sharp or what ~ sighs ok am kind of distracting you from why I got mugshot huh well ~ its a very silly thing really ~ my purse the one that looks like a magicians hat with the rabbit ears sticking out of it

Cute Magicians Purse 

Just as I was going in the door this person tried to pull on the ears am like OH NO ~ you cannot try to steal my cute purse

Sunglasses, Top, Shorts all included 

As you can see by the top “Bad Girl” that I was having none of that ~ with glasses that also came with it and yes lets say “adorable” I just snapped my fingers one time putting me in b*tch mode and gave that would be thief a huge kick to the shins except I missed and gulp I kicked the owner of this place not once but several times ~ he was not very happy especially when he was also an off duty policeman ~ so there ya have it and I tried to apologize but…Now I have to go to court and plead my case as hubby came to post my bail chuckling all the way home ~ Can you believe my luck?  oooh Sten was a sweety and said I did look very sexy in my newest outfit from Hilly Haalan and congratulated me on some other news that will share later …..pssst stick around as I will be showing up for court in the next couple of weeks ~ while I sit here embarrassed I do not want you to miss out on this uber sexy outfit called “Faith” here is the LINK to Hilly’s Marketplace as well as the TAXI to her Main Store ~ and thank you again for taking time to read, follow and send me some nice comments…hugzz

Credits goes to Image Essentials for providing this great backdrop ~ please check out her store and her Backdrop area ~ lot of props along with some great backdrops as well as thanking Hilly Haalan for giving me the opportunity to be a blogger for her ~

What am wearing ~

“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[hh] Faith Bag (Resizable)
[hh] Faith Boots MAITREYA L
[hh] Faith Boots MAITREYA R
[hh] Faith Shorts MAITREYA
[hh] Faith Top MAITREYA
*YS&YS* Shape Tweaked
Avada Catwa Skin Applier in Bronzanti

Shot all on Location of Image Essentials using Poses from the Sultry Series by I.E. as well…


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