Closet #2…

As I pull out this item from Entice and get everything on it am thinking to myself where should I go then it hit me OF COURSE to Greece where a Goddess would fit in ~ so off I went to the Magnetic Island that is part of the Aegean Sea, which is the promise land by Artanonymus….a little mix of old Greece and those pristine white buildings Greece is now known for ….

Aegean Sea 

Basically what you are staring at when you land but wind your way up the dirt path and follow it around and magically you are seeing some of the Older Greek buildings with their glorious Greek Gods standing before you ~ perfect backdrop for the outfit Stardust by Entice that was part of the Monthly Midnight Madness ~ am sure I have mentioned that before but will briefly explain as this as been going on for over a year and Designers sign up to give out 2 exclusive items for this one for the SLT Midnight, which for me equals to about 3am in the morning and the other is 12 noon also SLT ~ there is a group called what else Monthly Midnight Madness and it is free ~ another nice thing but even if there was a fee, which for me would be worth the monies but the gist is there is only 1500 items from each designer so you have to get up early not to lose out and then you can pay a small fee on Sunday to grab ones you missed called Last Chance ~ once they are gone they are gone ~ most are never in the stores as these are exclusive items…as this from Entice that I forgot was either the midnight or the noon ~ my apologies ~

Stardust in Lilac by Entice for MMM

Soft silky material and yes comes with what you see all the shoulder jewelry, the necklace, and the Bindi too ~ all removable as they are all separate pieces ~ that I like ~ yes a little closer look at the jewelry

Jewelry included 

Yes I was messing around with the shoulder pieces a little and trying to get them re-situated but really makes this outfit ~ even the Bindi, which for me is a first to wear but I like that added touch it gives to how I wanted to present this to you as a Greek Goddess and yes with the short hair because this Goddess was also a fierce warrior and did not need the long locks to show she was a Goddess ~ she was brave in times that needed to be …hey my story and am sticking with it *giggling* Now the group will be taking a much needed break and will start up again in September and that means as I look at my calendar as it is ALWAYS the 2nd weekend of the month ~ Friday 8th at the stroke of midnight all the designers will have boards out that you can click and receive their gifts from shoes to clothing to hair or makeup you just never know what is being offered till the last moment and I love that ~ to learn more about this crazy event please click HERE...from Salt & Pepper who each month has stepped up and taken leadership with the website and keeping us all inline LOL yeah that is kind of difficult at times but mostly everyone is super polite as you can only imagine all these females TP’ing to one spot trying to click on ONE board ~ gets hectic, gets crazy but it is so worth it as you can see by Entice’s item ~ Maybe I will see you there and hey say HI am not one to not speak usually it is quite the opposite if you hear me in groups I can be rather chatty and very outspoken…Anyway that’s it for me ~ stick around I have some interesting blog posts to share with you coming up…till then PLEASE remember life is too short to hate so give others a break ~ peace out ♥


First let me say a huge thank you to owners/creators of Entice as I did not receive the corrected item and was resent one that she did not have to do since it was way past time…Thank you again

*barberyumyum*S04(pink) (napehair)
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Entice – Stardust Bindi – LIlac MMM
Entice – Stardust Dress – Lilac MMM Maitreya
Entice – Stardust Necklace – Lilac MMM
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape Tweaked
Essences Catwa Skin Applier ~ Tania

Shot all on location of Aegean Sea using Lumi Pro 2017 poses 


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