Belated Rez day…

Looking down at my cell it just occurred to me that I am 9 years old ~ well I was on July 26, 2008 ~ woah that is a long time to be in Second Life ~ seems a lifetime ago that I was this naive meek noob that logged in and was absolutely clueless what Second Life was all about ~ let me see if I can show you what I looked like back then it is actually a hoot and oh but I thought I was hawt ~ well actually am sure we all did back then…

First Pic

Oh I did remain a blonde for a long time not wanting to change my hair color, style, color of my eyes but was at times a huge thing to make changes not like today where you can change your entire look within minutes ~ from that to this ~

Latest Look 

Still blonde for 90% of the time now am 100% mesh which did we even know what the future held for us absolutely not ~ even the latest Bento body along with Mesh Heads that have changed our looks even more ~ yup in 9 years so much change as I truly was clueless and laugh about so many of the misconceptions now or not really misconceptions but I barely could make it up a flight of stairs let alone figure out how to change clothes without being completely nude…now I still cannot build anything other than a box that has not changed nor can I sing a tune which honestly no one really wants me to sing seriously…but in these 9 glorious years in Second Life I have met some of the most amazing people ~ some are no longer with us as they have passed away, some just I guess got bored and moved on from SL and then some am so so happy that I have heard nothing from them and you know those types am talking about right…and some I am still very close to and still remain friends with that we have exchanged RL Christmas cards, that we truly are in the know about each others RL…but the most thing I can say about the past 9 years is that is has been such an amazing journey and I am wishing that it continues to be just that Amazing…So Happy Belated Rez Day to me ~ oh yes the pic I showed you earlier well may she rest in peace as she was retired and put into cold storage…am not far behind as I was created specifically for “Tiny Empires” so when they say one door closes another opens and ta da thats moi…till next time ~ Peace out♥

Credits ~ btw huge thank you to Hucci gifting the dress you see ~ simply gorgeous! 

#EMPIRE – Heather – Maitreya *Materials* not shown
*barberyumyum*bangs (E)
::HH:: Hucci Gallup Dress – GIFT (Lara)
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape tweaked a lot
Essences Catwa Skin Applier Tania

Shot on my Platform high in the Sky using Scene by Pseudo ~ Inked Corner Scene *Gacha* at SaNaRae Event as well as the poses from <k&S> Loveliness pose & Selfie Poses also from SaNaRae event 

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