The World is…

To complete that sentence in various words ~ could be the world is small, the world is beautiful or the one am going for is the world is not a box ~ yes exactly it is not a neat and tidy package the world is messy, it is confusing it is anything but a box ~ at times the world is a stage like Shakespeare wrote ~ or another one is the world is yours to discover especially these days where it seems the world is shrinking and we can go almost anywhere our imagination takes us or just pick up your tablet, turn on your computer and goggle a place and poof there are images, text to describe this place to you that you can see it and almost be there NOW in Second Life it is so unique to find somewhere similar like Paris, Egypt or even downtown London because Second Life is vast and you can go anywhere but Second Life’s World is Not A Box and KraftWork has created this item saying just that…

KraftWork at Indie Teepee

This is such a marvelous set to be used however ~ possible you want it for you and your friends to showcase your band ~ or if you are very photoshop worthy you could use this to show off yourself and all those gorgeous designer clothes each on a different pedestal..

KraftWork in shades of Purple

oh and did I mention you can change the lighting to a variety of colors ~ as it comes with a great Hud as you can see the first pic is Indie Teepee where you can purchase this great item and the second image is up on my platform…The Hud is…

Control Hud

You can even give this hud to another person to help you with the controls…9 color choices with a power off/on as well ~ great detailing on the stairs and the entire set ~

Closer Look 

You can see the rivets holding the set together which is a detail from someone who has built stuff ~ love the stairs going up to the various levels as well ~ this is only available at Indie Teepee till Aug 6th ~ I suggest if you want it take my TAXI to Indie ~ grab this up and then wander around one of the most photogenic sims I have seen for events…you truly won’t want to miss this ~ Remember the set is called “Not a Box Stage” by KraftWork ~ huge kudo’s to them for allowing me the pleasure of showing this off to you…Till next time you must stick around cuz you just never know where I am off to or what I will be wearing ~ got a great mix up of items to create a really special look *grinz..Peace out ♥


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