Must see event…

It truly has been awhile to see an event that I go to not for the shopping but for the build itself and all that is around ~ that is the Indie Teepee event ~ the event is called Explore the Future and absolutely if you have any time this is a must see event ~ not pushing items to buy but to see, to walk around and explore this Sim ~ am going to let you have some peeks but honestly the pics really do not do the justice as if you were there and I apologize up front ~

Entrance to Indie Teepee

When you land take a moment let things rez in and just turn in a semi circle as there is much to see ~ there is a lot and when you walk through and down the steps you will become entranced visually ~ I am copying the following from Seraphim that truly describe this event perfectly “Indie Teepee brings us live performances, art installations, and a creative forum to bring everyone together for the next 2 weeks.” They go on to say it is a must see and I agree 100% with them ~ Was quite by accident that I met one of the creators Sheldon BeRgman of this installation  as I had early access to this event and he asked if I was a blogger ~ not officially but yes I do blog ~

Daphne Arts 

That structure does not look like anything as it is actually ok on the blah side ~ I saw him and really walked passed it but he invited me to sit and see the w.i.p. and am like O M G seriously ~ what a WOW factor ~ truly unbelievable and remember to turn on your music as this has its own music and narrative ~ Three chapters Rise of Man, Fall of Man and Birth of Superman  (according to Nietzsche’s book This Spoke Zarathustra) made a decision of no peeks because YOU have to sit and watch and feel this yourselves ~ truly a visual experience…Make sure you do check that out ~ you will not be disappointed at all

Truly visual experiences 

Each section holds it own and I just was so impressed with the build that I walked around just looking and forgot to shop ~ can you believe that I forgot to shop…ok I did come back later and pick up a very unique tat that I will show off later ~

Dangerous critters 

Oh yes careful where you walk at times you just never know what you might come across and I was not going to get any closer because that snake look dangerous…Again just some peeks into this event that you must not miss it ~ am not pushing buying, but all that is going on with this event there is so much more than shopping the art installations, the performances, the music, even speed dating for those that are into that  and as you see the visual experience itself…Here is the TAXI and here is the website for more information on this event please click HERE my wish is that you enjoy this as much as I am as I will be going back and not for the speed dating LOL but for the music and other things ~ till next time ~ peace out ♥

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