Do you…

Hi everyone ~ sometimes it is nice just to take a time out from SL and no was not forced I just felt that I needed to step away from hearing the whining, the bullying and overall negativity ~ RL has enough of that and as someone told me “don’t like it then close the door” so I did for a couple of days ~ my feelings are as well that I will use my option not to get group IM’s as it is like at times kindergartners ~ yeah I know we are “supposed” to be adults but guessing with changing times more individuals think they are the entitled ones to act out and express opinions that should really be kept out of group chats…that said it is like when you mute someone you just take a nice cleansing breath and move on…Sooo back to my question do you subscribe to any of the subscriptions boxes…well I so say now that I am hooked, obsessed, with them ~ from Powder Pack, Deco(c)rate, Luxe, Pandora and Bish Box items inside are exclusive for each box ~ meaning they most likely will never be in the Designers stores ~ okay not each item am jumping up and down but I have gone back and retried on and its like oooh ok ~ the other day I received Bish Box and absolutely love the two items am wearing along with I also hit the Shiny Shabby event and found another skin applier from Essences that I absolutely will make this the one will be wearing for awhile ~

Wearing Varonis & Eliavah from Bish Box

The dress is from Varonis that was created especially for the July Bish Box the dress is called Natalia and love how the creator included that bustier still it is one piece and made specific for Maitreya, which is why my body just looks simply perfect in it ~ how nice the designer included 4 colors as well ~ very well made and hubby who briefly came in even if he is traveling loved the outfit ~ if you liked to see more of her creations please click HERE to look at her Flickr page… now moving downwards to the absolutely fantastic shoes ~ can you see the designer but just wait till I turn around woo hooo…

Wearing Lu’Tia Heels by Eliavah

Are they not gorgeous ~ love the detailing with the crisscrossing of the laces up top to how it wraps around my legs ~ nice sharp stiletto heels really giving your legs that xtra sizzle ~ now the gorgeous new Skin applier from Shiny Shabby ~

Wearing Tania by Essences

The nice sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of my nose is just another little detail the creator makes this special ~ am wearing Medium #2 as I like the color am not into pales or too dark but they are gorgeous if you try the demo ~ there are 2 others that I went back and forth trying to decide and finally made my choice ~ you have choices of brows and no brows another detail that I do love ~ Now my faithful readers I won’t say rush out and subscribe to Bish Box but the quality of the items make it worth the 1500L at least in my opinion ~ The box is always delivered on the 20th ~ and yes I have a post it on my puter giving me the dates for all the boxes I subscribe to *giggling* see am truly addicted to these different boxes and never 2 are the same month to month ~ below is a list of the different subscriptions boxes that I subscribe to and when they deliver

Deco(c)rate ~ 8th, Luxe Box ~ 15th, Powder Pack ~ 17th

Bish Box ~ 20th, Pandora ~ 22nd

Again all different always worth the Lindens but maybe try a box to see ~ will say the Powder Pack has 2 different ones geared for Catwa then another one for Lelutika ~ please stick around as I head off to see Indie Teepee as this is an event so unlike the others ~ I met with a creator that cannot wait to show you his creation…hugzz & be good to you and to others ~ life is too short to hate ~ Peace out♥


First let me thank Kay Weston for her creating Backdrop area where this was shot ~ it is an area that has various backdrops I should say a HUGE area filled with more backdrops that I try to show you ~ Also thank yous goes out to all the designer/creators of the Subscription Boxes your work is awesome and I thank you ~

Skin by Essences ~ Tania found at Shiny Shabby 
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Eliavah ~ Lu’Tia Heels [Maitreya] -July Bish Box
IKON Odyssey Eyes Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
VARONIS – Natalia Dress [Black] [Maitreya] – July Bish Box
[monso] My Hair – Ruda /Mixed
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya shape tweaked a lot

Shot on location of I.E. Backdrop Area using poses by Aliud from Runway Series 


2 thoughts on “Do you…

  1. I subscribe to Deco(c)rate, it’s my favourite as there is so much variety on a the theme of the month – great stuff! I started to subscribe to Builder’s Box, too, and then was fortunate enough to be accepted as a blogger for them 🙂 There used to be a MadPea subscription especially for us gents but I guess this just did not receive many subscribers because they cancelled it after 4 boxes I think it was. Shame. I’m waiting patiently for the next Men’s Subscription Box should any group want to do one… *smiles*

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