Subway Singer…

Ever been to New York City and taken the subway?   It is unique, different and truly an experience that unless you have done it is hard to put into words…I grew up on the East Coast right outside Washington, D.C. and our Metro is nothing like NYC omg no ~ their subway cars at least the couple I rode in were graffiti overload ~ it has been years but an experience that I won’t forget ~ still there are some amazing singers down there even Michael Bublé has sung there as you just never know what you might hear, what you might see as NYC is a huge huge melting pot of all over ~ just standing there waiting on the tracks I was given a flower and sung “Ain’t too Proud to beg” by someone that should of been on “America’s Got Talent” and yes that is a moment in time I will never forget even if it was eons ago so why not try my hand at singing in the subway to see if I can make a few extra lindens….shhhhh dont laugh

Singing in subway

Ok you do see my tip jar is basically empty as many know you put a little of your money in to make it look not so desperate ~ but I do look uber hawt wearing Tori Stylez latest outfit called Abbi ~ I love the chain work between the top and bottom ~ and she has created 3 different styles for this as well ~ am wearing the sheerest ~ hey girls gotta do what she can when her singing ability is sub par…

3 Different Styles

As you can see the above pic from satin, to solid and to sheer ~ as well as chain options or even no chains or no skirt but umm unless you are pairing the top with something else I would not choose the no skirt option…

Closer look 

This is the solid mesh style and gives you a better look at the chains as well ~ detailing is amazing and you know this is excellent quality even if the way my body is twisted just a bit the outfit has that give to it ~ I paired this with an interesting necklace from J&W Jewelers and yes here is a better look at the necklace…

Akroma Collection 

Yes it is diamonds that you are seeing ~ really surprised they trusted me with one this large but it is gorgeous and if diamonds are not the gem of choice J&W have made available other gems like Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald to name a few but there are 6 gems to choose from ~ these come with 2 sizes of earrings as well that you will see me wearing later…and J&W Jewelers has really made this necklace so affordable to you that why not pick up couple ~ And cannot forget my shoes that I slipped into as well ~

Wanted a side by side look so you can see the detailing that went into this gorgeous pair of heels called Faith  by KC Couture ~ the peek-a-boo toes that yes I finally changed my polish ~ geez bestie said it was about time that I do as she was tired of seeing me wear day after day the same polish ~ am like oooh ok and I apologize as in RL either I wear clear polish for my nails and once a year I get a pedi for the summer then my tootsies are sporting polish but that is about it ~ so now you know a little fact about me that am sure you were just dying to know that huh…NOT ~ look at the zipper on the back side of the shoe with a nice stiletto heel along with the front that metal piece along with the entire shoe can be changed to fit your wardrobe with a great hud ~ by the way the price on these shoes are a steal ~ yes seriously they are so affordable and keepers for me that I will wear year round as they will look nice in a pants as well ~ OK my subway singing was a flop but my outfit sizzled and got rave reviews from the Abbi dress by Tori’s Stylez to the gorgeous necklace from the Akroma Collection by J&W Jewelers and those keeper of Faith heels by KC Couture am fine with putting away my mic ~ but am not fine if you do not take my TAXI to Designer Showcase and at least look around ~ prices are awesome, lot of designers that you won’t wanna miss as each month the Showcase is growing ~ a really nice selection of Designers that bring quality items only…till next time ~ peace out ♥


First I gotta tell you if you ever need a place to go and take pics you need to wander over to Image Essentials and climb the stairs to the Backdrop Area ~ its huge and you can use your own poses/props but you do have to be a member of the I.E. group *free* to rez otherwise just use the poses from your inventory ~  or just look around at the store for some great poses/props ~ Also thanks to the designers/creators that give me the opportunity to show off clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc ~ my readers hey am always appreciative of you taking time to read and send me some nice feedback…

Wearing ~ 
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
Astrology: Hi Sabrina  Hair ~ gift from Hair Fair 
CATWA HEAD Catya  v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
J&W Jewelers Akroma Collection 2 Necklace Diamond
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape
7 Deadly sKins ~ Maud Catwa Skin applier ~ Sunflower Hunt 
Shot on Location of Image Essentials Backdrop Area using 50’s Style Microphone that I apologize as I am not sure where I got it is from 2014 ~ yes I do keep props LOL



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