Spanish Lady…

Wearing this ensemble that [LIZ] came up with called Cadence that is of course at *Designer Showcase has I feel a very Spanish lady look to it, with its long floor length skirt and off the shoulder top specially in this black and white combination although it does come in other colors, think this one is stunning and has made me feel like exploring the culture and city of some part of Spain, I found myself a little corner here at a place called Villa de Madrid where after standing at a Spanish bar taking a drink, I managed to get my picture taken with a couple of the locals as you can see here lol

Cadence by LIZIAAH

I have to say they were not very chatty but then that’s maybe because they were on duty- I am so glad I never not told off for taking the photo’s either as am outside one of the government buildings I think, OH! wait have been asked inside to see the office where I am allowed to see where official documents are signed and I was very naughty sneaked a picture with the flag, please don’t tell on me will you-


At least you get to see a close up of this Exclusive jewelry I am wearing by *J&W Jewelers* this set that I am wearing named Akroma is just fabulous and I advise you to go and see this for yourself as am sure you will love it as much as I do and there are Two different sets to choose from that you are able to mix and match.

Sneaking a pic with the La policía

Before I get found out,I had better tell you more about this two piece Cadence by LIZIAAH , you should go and see at Designer Showcase,the top is an off the shoulder little number that in the black is very lacy with a scalloped edge for those of you out there that like to show off your lovely decolletage and your midriff, the skirt is hugging your figure and eyes are drawn to the outstanding pattern to your hip area,then shimmy’s on down in soft folds over the thighs to the floor. This is available in other colors such as Azure and Red and an sure you wont have any fitting troubles I am wearing the Maitreya and its a great fit. There is a demo for those that are unsure. Maybe I had better make a move now before I get found out, don’t want to be thrown in jail on my first visit do I? Before I go am sure you will be wanting a ride to Designer Showcase so here let me call you a TAXI till next time be safe
Dena ♥


CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
IKON Triumph Eyes – Electric
J&W Jewelers Akroma Collection Earrings Diamond
J&W Jewelers Akroma Collection Necklace Diamond
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[LIZ] Mesh Cadence skirt Maitreya [Black & white]
[LIZ] Mesh Cadence top Maitreya [Black & white]
*YS&YS* ILLY Shape ( Tweaked by me)

Shot on location using poses Anna Series by Image Essentials 

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