Ut oh is all I can say as I am in another mess ~ Hubby is not answering his cell, not sure where my bestie Dena is but am lost…

Hello Anyone

No one is answering and I was supposed to be home already – grrr for not paying more attention to the road signs ~ wanted to show off my latest outfit from Ghee ~ can you see the back with the string tiebacks and those stripy linen shorts as well as the cute sandals and now am stuck…Just where am I?

OMG a Trailer Park

Just my luck a trailer park and I almost get run over by that semi ~ cripes what is next as I sigh and start to walk towards the lights…just maybe someone can help me

Grumpy Ole Man 

Can you tell it is not gonna be this guy with his arms folded and that beer bottle in his hand ~ am frustrated as I get a tad annoyed and stomp my foot to try to persuade him to help me ~ you would think this top with the crisscrossing that for me looks uber sexy would get his attention but nooooo he stares straight ahead…ok let me wander around some more

Closer Look 

Pssst behind me are some trailer park females that I think are whispering about me and my outfit wondering where I got it ~ if they were a tad more polite I would tell them you just gotta take my TAXI to Designer Showcase and see that this outfit by Ghee ~ the top I would tell them is called Summertime Broderie Anglais Top and has 8 different color choices ~ the pants Stripy Linen Shorts also come in a nice variety of colors as well ~ so you can mix/match ~ as well as Ghee has some great sandals that do come with a hud too..but am laughing to myself as they think I cannot hear them …OH OH I hear someone yelling “Did anyone call for an UBER ride” Guess I will check with you later gotta run before they leave…..oh oh and just one last thing chuckling as I heard a strong rumor from the owner Truck Meredith of Calas that all the residents will be evicted and the Trailer Park will be bulldozed to make way for Ty & Truck’s Halloween Sim…OMG if you have never been just WAIT each year is more and more fantastic…but gotta jett here is the UBER driver that will take you back to that shuddering Trailer Park…laterzzz

Credits ~

First let me thank my friend Brutus for helping me out as he did make a great grumpy ole man…thank you!!!  Thank you to the Designers/Creator that are always allowing me to show off their items too ~ not forgetting my ever supportive blogging partner Dena who does help with great ideas and you my readers that make me smile with your kind comments ~

*TKW* Razo *gift from Hair Fair
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Ghee Broderie Anglais Top – Lara – Graphite
Ghee Metallic Laced Flats w HUD – LARA
Ghee Stripey Linen Shorts – Lara – Lapis
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape & Catwa Skin Applier

Poses used “Bold & Brassy by Image Essentials

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