Oh look…

Hey everyone ~ wish I could say was off enjoying my American holiday but sadly I was not ~ seems my roomie and others think I might of gotten a touch of food poisoning that completely wiped me out ~ first time I have been that sick to even my roomie was worried and thought I should go to E.R. but gonna baby my tummy for awhile till am feeling little more confident ~ anyway it’s done with *knocking on wood* can’t go run a marathon or mow grass but in time at least the mowing grass bit LOL the marathons are not my thing…but since I was up to taking a little walk over to this shopping sight and see what is up ~ now I gotta tell you this upfront am nosey ~ especially when it comes to telescopes or binoculars I will jump at the chance ~ soooo you know those ones you see at famous places that you put a quarter in and get so many minutes to look out and beyond YES this place had one and just had to try it out…AND……

Bums view Lilja Dotty by Ana Markova 

Oh MY Gawd its HIS house ~ taking a closer look ~ yes it is that that famous Dude ~ squealing loudly YESSSSSSS it is his house ~ WOW!!! ~ looking around for bestie so I can show her but she is off doing errands ~ figures  and probably he is here only for a visit ~ sighs ~ ooops sorry you had to see my bum first but I couldn’t help myself ~ anyway let me turn around as I take one last look at the house but HE is nowhere to be seen….

Lilja by Ana Markova

This is such a cute outfit especially when the temps are in the high 80’s ~ keeping me nice and cool ~ ok another admission is that I just love Cotton Candy ~ pure sugar but oh so good ~ melts right in your mouth and no sharing whatsoever…Of course this outfit is only at Designer Showcase that has started today till end of month ~

Closer Look at Lilja by Ana Markova

From the ruffled top to that uber sexy bottoms that will fit you perfectly ~ and yes there is a demo available if you are worried about fitting properly ~ 8 different color choices, which Dena will be showing you later her choice ~ don’tcha just love the sides with the criss/cross lacing ~ as this is 2 separate pieces you will be able to mix match if you choose…

Edie Shoes by Lindy

As I wanted something also comfy to walk around in I did choose these great look sandals by Lindy Modern & Retro that are also at Designer Showcase this month…both items are priced reasonably that you can have a nice outfit without breaking your bank…the sandals really gave the added touch to complete the outfit ~ After looking at all the goodies that all the designer/creators have this month at Designer Showcase it will so much fun showing them to you ~ Dena and I have planned a couple of dual posts and she will be coming up next sooo stick around please ~And here is that infamous TAXI everyone talks about ~  thank you again to the Designers for allowing us to show off your items, to my readers and supporters of this blog it means a lot to me ~ till next time ~ keep cool, hydrated and be good to one another ~ Peace out ♥


(*<*) 1313 Mockingbird Lane Dark Days Sunglasses Pandora May Box
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Exile:: Perfect Places found at Summerfest 
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
Lindy Edie Shoes Black  found at Designer Showcase
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[ Organica ] Cotton Candy (Pink, Single) 
{AnaMarkova} Lilja Bottom Maitreya Dotty ~ found at Designer Showcase 
{AnaMarkova} Lilja Top Maitreya Dotty ~ found at Designer Showcase 
~TANTALUM~ Charlotte Necklace Onyx 1 past Designer Showcase item
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya shape tweaked
*YS&YS Illy Catwa skin applier

Shot on Location of Erie Boardwalk West using poses from the Props there 

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