Sailor Bears lost…

We are two little sailor bears exploring SL after our ship sunk off the coast at Parameshvara ~ Let me tell you what happened to us…Our Ship got caught in a riptide and headed towards the rocks where she got sucked into the reef and hit the rocks underneath forcing us to abandon her.  After swimming ashore we had stopped to dry ourselves off in the sun making sure we had our hats with us and our kerchiefs were straight we sadly watched as our vessel broke up on the rocks, with tears in our eyes we decided we had better move on as we did not want to see her sink away altogether ……

Tears and Heavy Hearts 

Turning and with heavy hearts we dragging our feet up the beach slowly moving away, leaving behind the only home we had now for months, but with the thoughts in our heads that we are now on a new adventure exploring this Island~

Onward to a New Adventure 

We came across this funny looking old car and tried to get it started but think it had been in the sun or sand to long or both lol

Looks Stuck 

After looking around our little Island we have found it to be deserted and head back to the old car to tuck ourselves in for the night on this cozy mattress.

Bed for the Night

Thanking whoever left this out here with its lovely soft blankets and pillows to rest our heads on and hope we get found soon as we whisper night to you all and be safe ~

We hoped your enjoy our little bear adventures that Starr and I will take on from time to time ~ if you are wondering the little Bear Avi’s are gacha’s that are still at Twelve for 75L a pull from MOOH ~ so cute ~ and yes poses are not just for humans as we did use poses from Image Essentials called “Anna V1” that you can get at her Main Store or on Marketplace ~ our wish is we brought a smile to our readers as we wanted to try something new ~ please let us know if you have a place for us to go on a “Bear Adventure” and this was shot on the Beach Area of Image Essentials ~ Peace to you all ♥

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