Burgers anyone…

Aaah yes summer has begun and with it brings memories of those days when you could find a burger shack on the beach to grab hot dogs and burgers ~ loved it and now KraftWork has recreated a perfect replica of a “Beach Burger Shack” that for me brings back RL memories of days spent on the beach my Dad giving me enough money to grab lunch for everyone ~ those fries that you know you had to sprinkle vinegar on them just that perfect amount ~ burgers being done on a flattop grill that were always fixed with onions and pickles unless you said something ~ place where we would hang out had the world famous ok not world but best local fries that you got with your burger and a Coke…all for under $3.00 ~ yup a pure bargain back then so let me show you this Burger Shack ~

Beach Burger Shack by KraftWork

What you see is all included ~ the 3 chairs, the sand bucket, sand, surfboards…and that lots more ~ Those Adirondack chairs were such a staple at our beach house and lasted for years and years and every year we got to pick a new color to repaint them…

Flattop Grill

Oh yes you can grill up some patties and toast the buns on that flattop ~ the detail is so amazing and love the color of the washed/bleached out wood ~ how perfect ~

Condiments & Soda 

From green peppers to pickles, onions and tomatoes along with a drink this is packed full of details ~ even have a to go window ~ along with it will seat up to you and 3 of your friends with some very nice poses as well ~ its 100% mesh and added features of changing textures as well ~ what a cute place for either your land or to use at places you can rez like I did take these at Image Essentials “Beach Area” as it just fit in nicely…Now the only place you will be able to buy this is at Knot & Co. ~ there is a demo at KraftWork’s main store that you can rez and try ~ as always will show you the AD for all the details….

Exclusively at Knot & Co. 

I hope you will take my TAXI’s and check out the demo at KraftWorks main store ~ then hop back in and check out Knot & Co. and purchase it as it is so unique ~ love the detailing and the craftsmanship in the constructing of this ~ great job! Coming up Dena and I do another dual post, which you won’t wanna miss ~ be good to one another ~ cya soon ~ Peace out ♥


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