Mmmm Second Skin…

A good friend of Starr’s called Taz ( KingBel Nandahar) of Taz’s Customs has decided to branch out into making clothes and I have been given the opportunity to show you one of his latest creation that is available on Marketplace as well as at his Inworld store  ~ An  eye-catcher not only in the name of this dress “Second Skin but in the fit also and am sure you will get some HOT, HOT, HOT looks in this ~

Second Skin by Taz’s Customs


First as I set out on a stroll around SL looking for new places to visit and found this interesting place called Brampton Wood/Scorpion Cove  and you can see from the above pic they have some gorgeous birch trees to lean against among some other great photo ops or just another interesting place to explore ~ now back to this gorgeous dress that if you are wanting to match your dress almost to your skin tone this is the dress for you called Second Skin as it fits like a glove and makes you feel very sexy as its texture is snake skin and will have you squirming with delight as well as your partner…With that said have to rush off to RL Now- I now its a drag and it does get in the way sometimes but has to be done lol Be safe Hugs Dena ♥


Taz’s Customs ~ Second Skin Dress
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
IKON Odyssey Eyes Apex
Vivienne hair-Faiths Family
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape (Tweaked) 

Shot on location using Pose by CKEY  ~ found ONLY on Marketplace 

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