Special Rez Day…

Today is my good friend Othon’s 11th Rezz Day and I got invited ~ so am gonna slip on a party dress ~ Eleven years is a long time in SL if you think about it ~ I have been here for almost 9 years next month ~ but Othon decided to throw a party to celebrate his rezz day ~ from the invites which are adorable that I will show you in a moment to the entire party this was a fantastic event ~

Love a Nice Invite 

Really nicely done invitation as Othon always puts a lot of thought into his planning ~ I met Othon when I started coming to Oval Theater for their productions and he really made me feel like part of their theater family ~ Am ready for the party as all of their parties that the Oval family has they are fun am sure this will be fantastic ~As I never know at times what to get someone for a Rezz Day pressie so Othon my sweet  friend this blog post is ALL about YOU and your special Day ~

Standing with the Guest of Honor

Othon stood at the balloon entrance and was greeting the first arrivals ~ always looking dashing in his tux and I am wearing a new creation from KiB Designs that I will tell you more about in my next post ~ I stood next to him so I could wish him a very happy 11th Rezz Day ~ Looking around the room you can see Othon’s style went into the decor as it was perfect ~

DJ Addy Hax and his Assistant Alina 

Oh yes the music was bumping ~ DJ Addy tunes really helped make the party a huge success ~ playing a variety of tunes that had everyone up and on the dance floor and was non stop ~ plus always fun to hear a giggle and laughs from the DJ as he voiced the upcoming songs and any dedications ~ with that sexy accent that well you know had some of the guys ok I will keep this strictly PG ~ but let me say he did have a very nice voice…As the guests would arrive I tried to get some comments from them regarding Othon ~ note I did not alter any of them *giggling* just copy/paste *still giggling* lets get started on some from his partner Richardson Nootan-Weiland this is what he had to say “during this last year, Othon has been there for me and suppoting me, he is a jewel xxxxxxx”  Another good friend of mine Kyle Mckenna made this comment “he’s very sentimental” and giggling Kyle’s partner Beez Starling I asked he answered this “fecking old fart” but I do know for a fact that both of them have only the highest regard for their good friend Othon as he is such a treasure and jewel that they could never see Oval without Othon…Course I had to ask another Oval Cast Member Red Hykova for a comment “Othon has made a lot of close friends in SL over the years, at The Oval he is like the father figure of our theatre family, he always has a smile, a joke, a great idea or some sound advice to share, he’s kind and thoughtful and would do anything to help anyone. I’m happy to be here to celebrate his 11th Birthday this genuinely sweet man :)”

Dancing to the Music 

The dance floor was filling up with everyone rocking to the tunes ~ turned out Othon had a lot of his artists and close friends there to help him celebrate this day ~ even had a cake that hey someone got on top and was really getting into the tunes…While everyone was dancing some were recalling fond memories of Othon throughout the years now I even heard a tale about a gift of a Piano but think I won’t spill the beans on that as you can ask him yourself if you like to know or ask *giggling* Kyle or Beez hehe

Othon on top of cake

I met a lot of nice people that had some really kind words to say about Othon like Mitch Underby said this “Othon is a great co-owner, full of ideas and life. He makes our region colorful and happy.”  As well as Theron Mexicola had this comment for me “Othon has been an a great friend to me since i met him. i was so nervous when i was asked to to take part in a production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Othon was a supportive friend and i was able to do the show. I am proud to call him my friend”  As the party was coming to a close I could tell Othon and everyone had a great time celebrating his 11th year in Second Life ~ from the comments and knowing Othon you have to realize at least for me and I am sure others as well that SL is not a “game” but its made up of so many individuals that make long lasting friendships that become a part of your lives ~ Othon my wish for you is to have many more fantastic years in SL and that you bring so many of us smiles and happiness thank you as I am truly honored to be your friend…..



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