Little Big House…

First I must say thank you to KraftWork for giving me the opportunity to blog for them ~ and my wish is that I honestly put my best work out there for them ~ at least I will give it 100% as I try to do with each of my sponsors ~ so thank you for your confidence…This house if I had of seen at Cosmopolitan I would of snatched it up in a heart beat it is one of those houses that you have to look at again and visualize what can be done ~ I called it little big house because from the Ad it looks rather small but…..wait and see

The Bach House 

And what you see looks like ok right?  With a little imagination and please trust me am not the greatest decorator of stuff for inside houses as usually hubby handles inside and me I do landscaping so this was a nice challenge ~ Wanted to make the place inviting for guests or just hubby and bestie ~

Redone deck and entrance 

Just adding a few simple pieces and the hanging pots and plants gives it your first look ~ plus I did not want to go overboard ~ but love the tree that comes with the house and the deck color is perfect….Next you step in the door and kitchen is there ~


Added the wire stools ~ oops left the burner on geez ~ and made sure we had a nice sponge cake for our sweet tooths ~ really does give you room for a kitchen table and chairs this was just one look ~ to the right you go into the living room ~

Living Area 

Oh yes puppies were xcited to watch some TV but you can see still having plenty of room without that crammed in feeling ~ also nice designs on the windows as the puppies ran back and forth looking out ~ lets head back out and up the stairs to the bedroom area


Again with the window design you do not get that claustrophobic feeling and still I could of put a little more into this room but liked the airiness ~ for those that have the prims but not the land space this would be perfect ~ and still so much you can do with the little big house ~ again am not a professional decorator LOL but wanted to give you a feel of that homeyness ~ will be showing off more of their items and they have some really interesting ones ~ with the detail and the craftsmanship of this house it is certainly worth your time to take my TAXI to their Main store look for the demo and possibly you will be the proud owner of this little big house ~ stay tuned, stick around for more stuff ~ as I think Dena has some fashion to show off ~ thank you again to the owners of KraftWork ~


Bach House ~ by KraftWork at Main Store
Patio Chair Set by Chez Moi comes with Chairs & Teapot & tea cups
Spring Patio set Gacha item by Bee Designs
Planter w/Purple flowers by *Lok’s*
Summer planter & hanging plants by what next *fifty linden Friday
Wire Stools by Fancy Decor ~ group gift
Sponge Cake & Slice by What next ~ group gift
Sofa by Dekute Dekore
TV & puppies by Jian ~ gacha item Rare & Starry Nation Wall Art ~ gift
Vintage Rug by LISP Fifty linden Friday
Book Pile Lamp, Square Table & Flower Case  by Kalopsia ~
Vintage office desk by Naughty But Nice 
Square Table by Kalopsia
Upcycled pallet bed ~ tarte
Hanging Candles ~ by DDD ~ no longer Available

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