At the beach…

Here in the UK we have been basking in sunshine with temperatures reaching the 30s C and above in some parts of the country, and have read that this weekend has been the hottest on record here for 167 years …..With that thought in my head I decided to take myself off to the beach and see if it was any cooler.

Marcy Outfit by Hilly Haalan 

Combing my hair with my fingers and trying to get it in some sort of order this comes from Wasabi Pills before I slipped into this fabulous top and shorts from Hilly Haalan at Designer Showcase called Marcy…then headed off to the beach in the hope that its not to crowded. Found a really cool and deserted beach here at  Cape San Blas Beach it is just what I needed today with the waves crashing on the shore to cool me off and seagulls crying while in flight ~  have to admit I took advantage of the surf’s spray for a few minuets before I get to showing you this outfit, hope I’m forgiven lol

Bill the Bird checking my close up ~ 

Hilly Haalan has sure come up with a winner for me this time with this shorts and top outfit called Marcy, as I would love to be wearing this here today, but let me show you what I mean,after standing for a few moments with the waves coming in waiting for the spray to hit me to cool off the heat from my body you can see why I said this is a winner for me- you can let the air hit your abdomen to cool you down and in this lacy top it is just so feminine but also you have the option of changing the top to the Nautical as you saw in the first pic ~ now my friend “Bill” is checking me out closer and laughing as yes I did name him ~ he didn’t peck me so must of given his beak of approval…giggling…

Bag comes with outfit 

Am sure you will love the bag as it has both a hand hold and as I have worn it here on my shoulder and you can also get see a close up of these pretty bracelets that are also included in this outfit, I love silver in RL think it stands out really well when you have a tan, this on the shoulder hold too comes in very handy when you need both hands free to shop with or have a drink ~

Heels also Included

I wore theses heels that are included to the beach will show you what they look like before I change as don’t wish to ruin them before I have had the chance to get good wear out of them lol As you can see they match up with the outfit really well with the cut away sides and open toes that shows I have painted my nails to match my outfit too ok ok just saying I do like to co-ordinate sometimes …*laughing* Right better get back now as my new friend Bill is just about to take flight with his friends. Once again it’s been great showing you another one of the outfits from Designer Showcase this month,you still have time to TP over there and check out this and many more outfits. Taxi anyone?

Till next time be safe ~ Hugs Dena♥


Skin -Essences-serenity -medium 01 from Powder Pack 
Wasabi Pills- Viola
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
IKON Hope Eyes  – Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[hh] Marcy Bracelet ~ found at Designer Showcase 
[hh] Marcy Heels MAITREYA~ found at Designer Showcase 
[hh] Marcy Shorts MAITREYA~ found at Designer Showcase 
[hh] Marcy Top MAITREYA WHITE~ found at Designer Showcase 
CATYA Shape- Tweaked
Poses used by Image Essentials Khaleesi  also at Designer Showcase 

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