Why is it…

Yes why is it so rare when I hear from Designers/Creators that they are so excited to get a thank you note for a “GIFT” ~ but sadly after the Monthly Midnight Madness event and listening to the in-group chat I can truly see why designers stopped participating as who wants to really listen to the negative comments all the time and seriously readers would you like to have someone constantly talk to you about something you spent time, energy on for a FREE item thing cuz this color was not included or this and that? Your answer should be no ~ sadly I do remember when the creation of Monthly Midnight Madness started with an over abundance of creators from all over ~ if you created something that was truly popular with everyone and people craved for it but NOT a lot of positive feedback about the store or what why continue…So let me show you a variety of gifts from different places ~

The Annex ~ Monthly Midnight Madness 

What a cute set of lingerie that you would truly have to see in person to appreciate how really lovely this is ~ so thank you for that gift ~ if you like to see the other creations they have a Marketplace and Inworld Store  


SweetTea ~ SecondLife Birthday Gift 

What an adorable little black dress that Jasmine Fairy created for the SLB14 another FREE gift ~ she has some cute stuff on Marketplace and Inworld as well ~ thank you Jasmine

Hair by Tableau Vivant & Catwa Eye Applier by Pout 

The chic hair is another SLB14 gift by Tableau Vivant that was created by Marilyn Magic as well as the others has both Marketplace & Inworld  and you have a huge thank you from me for this gift ~ and lastly by NO MEANS last in my opinion is the Stellar Catwa eye applier that this creator leela Darwin came into the Catwa group chat and told everyone that this applier would be free for so many hours and am LIKE WOW how cool is that ~ especially since my name is STARR and now am wearing Stars LOL its a really nice Catwa applier that features various versions of this beside the one am wearing…so I check out her Marketplace store since her Inworld store was jammed with everyone coming in to get that FREE applier so I looked and found another one that I liked…

Everyone loves getting stuff free from all over but I think the Designers need to just hear it from us once in awhile ~ a designer once made a comment that no one talks to her unless they want something ~ do you know how sad that truly is ~ think about it ~ I truly hope everyone will inspire to take time and say thank you ~ From me to each of the designers/creators that take out of the day to create group gifts, freebies, and the SLB14 gifts I hope you will take my thank you for all of what you do and realize it is very much appreciated…hugzzz

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