Out with friends…

As the evenings are nicer out now got it into my head I wanted to dress up, made a few calls to ask friends if they wanted to meet up for dinner and then go on to a show, After we had chatted about it over the phone it was decided we would all wear long dresses and was so delighted I had this gorgeous gown Chinablu to wear that is available from *Shoenique Designs at Designer Showcase this month Its a very classy number to wear and will be perfect of our evening out

Black Chinablu by Shoenique

As you can see the overlay of embossed lace to the main skirt adds truly a touch of class to the tight fitted bodice then flows down to sweep the ankles ~ This is for sizes XS-XL as well as for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya bodies and is available in Pink,Red,White along with the Black that you can see me wearing from the above pic and it fits my Lara body a treat I have to say~as for my hair I really wanted to go with something out of my normal comfort range that would compliment and make a statement as you can tell ~

Jhamin Collection by J&W Jewelers 

Glamorous jewelry always gets you noticed so I have added this collection from J&W Jewelers– I am wearing Pale Amethyst as Amethyst is my Birth color( for January for those that don’t know) and just love its subtle tones of purple that shows here in a close up of the necklace as you can see – This collection includes a necklace, earrings and a ring which are not shown (you will be pleased to know there are some fabulous colors for you to buy at Designer Showcase including Citrine, Diamond, Pink Topaz to name a few, I am sure you will find a set just right for your taste…

Black Chinablu Heels by Shoenique

My sandals are from *Shoenique Designs again available at Designer Showcase* called Chinablu Heels also come again come in Pink,Red White and of course Black, these very dainty sandals will compliment the dress really well with there criss cross tie strap to the back giving your feet room to breath on a night out and not causing you blisters lol~These are again for ~Designer Showcase~ and for Belleza,Slink TMP and Maitreya high feet ~We decided on alfresco dinning and ended up at Opal Isle with its crisp Crystal waters lapping at the dock where we were shown a table to have our meal before going on to a show, they do have a wonderful place here, make sure you visit ~just so you know this outfit and many more are from this months~ Designer Showcase~ Which I might add runs until the 30th of June and has some wonderful Items for you to purchase including dresses and gowns like the one I have shown you,so you still have some time to pop along and spend some of your lindens on refreshing your closet with a whole new look or just to brighten up your day ..:) Here is your Ride~Think I might steal the limelight from any of my friends tonight in this outfit, so am hoping we will enjoy each others company relax, enjoy our food and chill out watching a show afterwards ~Just please remember to try the demo’s before you buy and be safe out there till next time
Hugs Dena♥


Amara-Katie Catwa Skin Applier -May powder-pack
Lipstick-Catwa Master hud
Eye shadow-Zibska -May Powder-Pack
Amacci Hair – Simon
Shoenique Black Chinablu Gown MAITREYA
Shoenique Black Chinablu Heels
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Nymph
J&W Jewelers Jhamin Collection pale amyt and diamonds earrings
J&W Jewelers Jhamin Collection pale amyth and diamonds necklace
J&W Jewelers Jhamin Collection pale amyth and Diamonds ring
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V

Shot on Location at Opal Isle using poses by Image Essentials Vogue 1& 2 available only at Jersey Shore 2  


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