day or night

Everyone likes a different look during the day or night like ying or yang so to speak…Alma has created some day/night makeups that either you can wear one or the other or even mix/match ~ as interesting as Alma’s makeup is and a unique and interesting event they will be at created by Scala it is called the Yin/Yang Event where like day and night this is opposites like the looks am going to show you ~


Going for that night look where those ruby red lips will just make everything pop as well as they eye makeup ~ but if this is a tad too bold Catwa has those amazing sliders so you can get that look for you…

Softer Day Look 

With the nice soft color of pink lipstick paired with blue/green eye shadow that does softly enhance your face…


Taking the bold rich luscious red lip and matching it with a more subtle shade of smokey eye shadow will create a very you look…

Found at Yin/Yang Event

As you can see by my pics and the ad these are all unique and can create various looks that by you ~ Here is your TAXI for the Event but I must say the event will start on the 15th ~ enjoy and please take a moment to look around ~ thank you to my Sponsor Alma for letting me show off these gorgeous makeups for Catwa…If you want to go directly to the main store for Alma here is another TAXI to take you there…

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