Simply the Best …

It has been awhile since I sat down to watch a performance at Oval Theater and truly I could smack myself for that as today a member reminded me in less than 10 minutes I had to grab a seat to see their latest and O.M.G. am sooo happy that nothing was going on that I was able to jump over, find a seat and enjoy one of simply the BEST performances I have seen well xcept the one I was in *just joking* ~ Seriously if you have never seen or been to an SL Performance you must must go am not joking because you will be entertained, maybe dance in your seat and most definitely smile while you watch some of the most creative, talented choreographers, artists that I have met in SL ~ so take a moment sit back and enjoy some of these teasing images that just might change your minds ~

A Gorgeous Set 

From the dance moves to the set and costumes, this was a really wondrous performance and I was so enthralled watching and listening to the music that I will apologize that I forgot to match the images with the songs ~

Costumes changes galore 

Everything goes seamless from one song to the next ~ from the performers changing clothes and getting into position is not small feat ~ I know because I was just one time asked to be in one and I was a total wreck…but the directors who do this know exactly what they are doing ~

Star is born?

Not sure but they all work so hard at each rehearsal going over every little detail in full costumes as they work out the kinks and each person marks their own spot to stand as to where the producer & director agree ~


That is all I can say about this number as it is a must see number because of the special effects that not wanting to spoil it but another OMG moment that I was applauding like a mad woman LOL…yes the waves moved as well glad I was sitting back a little so not to get splashed…

Fun for all…

Yes there were some light heartened moments as you can tell from the Singers expression they were all enjoying this magical number ~ Honestly when I went to my first performance at Oval I was a tad hesitant on what to expect BUT was I delighted and completely entranced as I asked a fellow audience member what he thought here is his comments “Ice (icarusguy): oh yeah, this is the third show I’ve been to in a row. There is always something new I see each time that shows their creativity and talent. Just amazing.”  His words reflect exactly what I thought because each show is unique and different ~ let me show you the play list for this performance that they are billing Simply the Best  and truly that was exactly what it was…..

Simply Best Playlist.png
Songs from the Performance 

You still have a chance to come, to watch, to enjoy this performance of Simply the Best as they will be doing repeat performance on the 12th, 17th and final performance will be on the 19th of this month ~ All shows start at 1pm SLT and you know that I have a LIMO to take you ~  and yes no actors bribed me or paid me to give their performances a review I must add *grinz ~ If you go honestly you will not be disapointed….stick around as Dena has some new stuff as well as moi ~ Remember be a PINEAPPLE…Peace out


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