Trip to Nowhere…

HA HA you thought I was going somewhere only I wish that I was laying in the sand and sun back in Delaware as I truly miss living there in RL ~ sadly it is expensive and was breaking my budget almost every month but some things you just sacrifice or do for a friend needs help so you move to a place that shrugs it is alright and think ok just for a little while I can do this ~ but in my mind my trip is back to the beach where life is a bike ride to anywhere and everywhere you need to go ~ this outfit is so cute to travel in from FurtaCor this month at Designer Showcase ~

Beatriz by FurtaCor

Comes in 2 separate pieces that I like always good for mix/matching ~ along with the heels ~ ignore the luggage as they are basically empty ~ was packing light on my trip to nowhere *giggling* now come on that is funny you know you smiled…alright then let me show you close up

Beatriz closeup 

Really great detail on the belt, the buttons with the spaghetti straps wooo hooo this one of those outfits that is not only comfy looking it is sexy as well ~ but hubby would rather probably see another button undone to his satisfaction cuz I know him ~ long as he keeps my eyes on me *grinz* he truly is a sweetheart of a man and NOPE not trading him in ladies ~ oooh where was I yes the gorgeous set of heels ~ ooops you know this does come with a hud that you will just get loads of wear for you Lindens ~ too many colors, textures to tell you that you will just have to go try on DEMO and see ~ yup yup that you will….Heels are just below…oh can’t see them my my ok let me show you

Gorgeous Heels

They can be matched as well with the hud as it is all in one ~ nicely done creators…hmmm think I forgot to change my toe polish ~ ooops anyway…TAXI anyone wanting to go to Designer Showcase ya better open the door and slide in since all those bargains are just waiting for you ~ remember DEMO if you are size conscious…


Alright need to sit that was a long walk up and a long walk back for my trip to no where…wow think my hair needs a trim ~ but stick around pulllease as Dena has some exciting news to tell you ~ Remember you all BE A PINEAPPLE.…peace out ♥


Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
.::Crown::. Donna hair
:::FurtaCor:::Beatriz Shoes
:::FurtaCor:::Beatriz Skirt::Maitreya:
:::FurtaCor:::Beatriz Top::Maitreya
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes- Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
{ wren’s nest } Lucienne Tweaked
Insol: ST04 ‘Copper’Daria

Shot right on location of Image Essentials Backdrop area using Vogue poses by I.E. and the suitcase prop comes from Magnifique Poses that you can find on Marketplace

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