Sitting on the dock looking out over the water and daydreaming of places I would love to visit is a wonderful way to pass time, chatting with a friend also about places you or they have been or are wanting to visit leaves me and my mind wandering,restless and yearning to see more of the world ~ but at least here in SL I can get to see some of the parts I have yet to visit in RL and that brings me back to earth or SL lol with a bump..I am here again with some more poses from *Image Essentials* which started me on this dreamy escapade~

Dreamy Series by Image Essentials  

Using poses from the series Dreamy~ these have been created Exclusive for the TWE12VE event which runs from June 12th until June 30th, this is a Bento compatible set and it has a set of 5 poses plus mirror so 10 in all, I have shown you just a couple here and as you can see they can right in handy here on the dock….

Looking Stylish 


Have to say designers of poses are making them more and more realistic and Kay is no exception and am pleased to be able to show these off to you before they hit the Event as am sure a lot of you photographers out there like to keep things up to date and fresh~

So with that said please make sure you keep the date free to check them out yourselves at the Event and also take a ride to see Image Essentials to check out the poses, props and the newest area “Backdrop” ~ plus become a member of the group and you will be able to rez your poses all around the sim…pssst its a free group

Chose to wear a bikini today from *Smesh* and just am in awe of the hud you get with this with 12 colors for both top and bottom this is going to be staying in my inventory for awhile i can tell you ~100% mesh and you wont be disappointed with the fit either it fit my Matreya body a real treat, but as always please do try the demo before you buy either in store or on Marketplace 

Well be safe everybody till next time
Hugs Dena♥


Eye-make-up Zibska-Hasina- May powder-pack
Lipstick-Glam Affair – Polly-May Powder-pack
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
!!smesh ~ Bra Lara
!!smesh ~ Kini Maitreya
C&C – Danika Necklace
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
eXxEsS : SENUNA A (Breeze)
IKON Triumph Eyes- Electric
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Shot on location at Starr’s Residence using Dreamy Series from Image Essentials 

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