Part 2 cont…

Hey am back and we are still exploring Image Essentials and now onto what I think is the fantastic portion of the sim ~ am always in search for backdrops that I can rez my own poses as well as using my LumiPro and so many areas unless you join their group most do have fees and I can understand the reasoning behind it but hey it does add up over time or you could start stock piling them in your inventory and again that gets expensive as well ~ I know I have quite a few that I have gotten in my 8 years of SL ~ maybe you do not have land or the prims, which makes this idea so fabulous ~ Sooo Kay created this area called “Backdrops” and it is HUGE as well as amazing ~ when you go to any of the Teleport Areas on the menu it will say “Backdrops” click on that and whoooshed you land here:

Backdrop Area

Take a moment and let everything rez in as it is immense ~ then slowly turn in a circle because north, south, east or west you will see backdrops like this example


I will warn you that absolutely none of them have poses at all ~ huh? Yes that is right no poses in a single one, which for you to use your own poses or pose balls however you see with one exception well two at the most ~ to be able to REZ the pose balls/props  you will have to be a member of the I.E. group but hey no biggie because as I said earlier the group is absolutely unconditionally FREE !!! Yes free so why not join and have the ability to use all these backdrops ~ second if you do not want to join the group ok that is fine you will just have to animate yourself if you know how to do that it is very easy ~ same with using lighting if you are not a member just wear a projector ~ there are enough backdrops and knowing Kay she will always be adding more to her collection as I saw some new ones ~ thank you Kay…and also if you were at the Twelve monthly event you might of seen Kays prop there called “Online Shopping” a couple pose that well let me show you how I took it and used it ~ this is the one that hubby absolutely loved…

Online Shopping Prop

Whatcha think?~ turned out to be pretty good especially using LumiPro ~ oh and if you think he was just sitting there on his lappy not peeking think again LOL ~ but I love this prop its full Mesh with 5 poses that I am only giving you a sneak peek at *giggling* yes I went a tad risque as you also can if you choose or not ~ and the backdrop is one of Kays that we used ~ gives you an example of what you can do…My wish is that you take my infamous TAXI and go exploring over at Image Essentials if you do please think about dropping in some Lindens as everything is free but she runs this sim completely on donations ~ thanks bunches everyone ~ thanks to Kay for giving me the pleasure of now being a member of her blogging team I aim to be an asset and you will see me show off more of her stuff in the days to come ~ laterzzz ~ Peace out ♥


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