Newest Sponsor…Part 1

Yes as I stated in my earlier post that I had gained 2 new sponsors and to be fair to each of them I am doing a blog post on each of them ~ as a blogger and/or a photographer we need props along with poses so we do not just stand there like robots well we could but would it make it interesting ~ probably not and you would start yawning if our posts were just like that ~ Image Essentials has been around for numerous years and Kay Weston is the owner/creator or the props, poses and the newly redesigned sims ~ as well as a good friend and a mentor am now a member of her blogging team YAY me…Let me tell you more about I.E. and what it could mean for you or a friend especially if you like to take pics and possibly or a blogger as well…When Kay gets into her change mode for the sim she always seems to outdo herself and this time it is like WOW ~ we all know at times how hard and how expensive it is to have nice backdrops and possibly places to rez poses there ~ anyway let me take you on a journey at Image Essentials to show you…

Upon Landing…

Yup there are signs to show you where you would like to go ~ instead of having to swivle around and around Kay has made it fairly easy to follow…so we are heading out to the studio area…

Up the Stairs…

Also Kay has made these black signs that if you are like me get lost easy these will help you lots ~ also she has placed them around the Sim where you can TP to anywhere…up we go…

Teleport Area

This kind of speaks for itself but you sit a drop down menu comes up and tada you are off to explore ~ in part 2 I will show you one of the best ideas EVER that Kay has come up with….but back to showing off this area which has backgrounds w/poses, scenes galore for singles, couples, multiples that you will have to become a member to use BUT BUT the group is free yes FREE ~ Kay has graciously always made sure her group was no cost and that means she does depend on the goodness of everyone that comes to visit to use her props or her land, which all members have the perks of being able to rez props on the different lands like Winter, Beach, Wonderland, Forest and Town ~ some great photo ops as she has outdone herself in creating each one…

Choosing a Scene

I asked hubby to choose a scene and he kept hitting the arrow key till the very end as you can see to pick one…but his choice “Waterfall” was perfect and I slipped on my bikini and the result is below…

Waterfall Scene at I.E.

Turned out nice didn’t it ~ as you can just see by my first post there is a LOT to see, to explore and to try out  plus at the stores you can pick up poses as she has a good variety especially Bento poses that is the latest thing….Thanks to hubby for taking time on his RL day off to help me as he knows that I take time in setting up my camera, lighting and whatever angles ~ he is patient 99% of the time and helpful a well ~ you will see in the next post he actually enjoyed this one LOL…alrighty stick around as I continue…while you wait here is my Famous TAXI to take you there ~ enjoy ~ hugzz ♥

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