Newest Sponsors

Actually I have 2 yes 2 new sponsors that I wanted to share with my readers ~ am xcited about both and always like sharing stuff with my readers & followers ~ and not to want to detract from each other will make 2 separate posts as they both deserve this…that said I can say the first new sponsor is Alma Makeup ~ both in Marketplace and Inworld and yes will let my TAXI take you to both ~ no worrying please…always like discovering new designers/creators and Alma is new for me but you will see that the makeup is dramatic, exotic and she takes time to create for Catwa, Lelutka and Akeruka heads ~ I love at times very bold makeup especially dressing up in my gown, wearing makeup just puts that added pizzazz that you want to make those heads turn…look at runway models or those standing on red carpets with each wearing makeup that makes them have that WOW factor ~ now I will show you ~

The Swan ~ at TDME

This is very dramatic makeup set called “The Swan” created by Alma is one that will make any outfit really just stand out ~ imagine yourself in a black strapless evening gown wearing this ~ or as I am in a wild studded bralet looking ummm seductive possibly…With appliers for Catwa & Lelutka you will have 4 unique eyeshadows from the ones am wearing to Red, Purple and Black along with 3 choices of lippy to wear ~ giving you some really exotic looks ~ Now this is a monthly event called The Darkness Monthly that will begin on the 5th of this month as my TAXI is here waiting but a little patience till the 5th…Next…

Cindy @ The Avenue 

If you are looking for possible a tad soft less dramatic look take my TAXI to The Avenue where Alma has “Cindy” a set of eyeshadows for you that come in 4 tones blue, yellow, smokey and the one am wearing ~ again she has made this for both appliers Catwa & Lelutka and I will mention that with any eye makeup you do wear at least on Catwa you have on the Master Hud that nice slider that you can make this bold or softer ~ I am just showing off the bold so you can see how nicely it does work even with full lashes ~ Lastly…

Aestas @ L’Elite 

Another monthly event but this is not starting till the 10th of June so you can just make your shopping list and add this on ~ oooh another interesting fact is my lippy is part of the gift for this event hmmm maybe it is a special event ~ just keep that in mind ~ with this eye shadow you will gave yellow, green, blue, orange and the one am wearing ~ again you always have the choice to soften it up or go bold ~ with the lippy I did go just a little softer ~

In looking at my new Sponsor Alma’s makeup it is affordable and she is an upcoming creator that I think everyone needs to keep an eye out for her creations ~ love the color choices and the fact that these are appliers ~ will be showing more to come in the future…thanks and stick around for news ~ hugzz to all ~ Peace out♥

CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes  – Starfall
:::ChicChica::: Callie Lona *shape*
DeeTaleZ Merry Catwa applier in Mediterranean 

Poses Used in shots were from Anna Series, Demure Series  by Image Essentials also shot on Location at my studio and at I.E backdrop area…*more to come on that***

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