Back to the Faire…

My Prince has been keeping me so busy these days that I apologize it has taken me awhile but when I discovered what he had found I just had to rush and tell you about these items….so unique at least in my part of the world but the designer/creator I think is very creative ~ ok ok nuff already let me show you ~

Exploding Avatar by Harshlands 

Now for me this is just truly fascinating and found the perfect place to display it so I can come sit and look at it ~ really kudo’s to the creator ~ on to the next one that is also taking up residence on the grounds of my home…

Light Marker in Blue by Harshlands 

Prince really liked these a lot since I wanted to keep at least ONE but he said keep them all am like YIPPEEEE….from the texture to the entire design truly amazing…and yes this is coming from someone who barely can build a square box *giggling…ok last but not least

The Healing by Harshlands 

Water surrounding this couple is extraordinary creative ~ from the concept to the conception of this piece I admire Kadaj Yashikawa of Harshlands  for his talents ~ if you make it to the Faire and my trusty STEED is here to take you there please check out his items ~ he really is an amazing creator and all the items that he has displayed are stunning…the top one that I have shown you is one that all proceeds will go directly to Relay for Life ~ as you know am sure Cancer touches everyone ~ either you know someone that has been struggling with this, possible even some family member but this Faire is doing all it can to Unmask A Cure ~ once you are over at the Faire there is activities galore to either watch, participate in trying your skills like Archery ~ just walking around and looking and possibly donating a couple of your Lindens to help with this fight ~ thank you for taking time to always read my posts it really makes me smile now seeing that I took that leap to have my own site ~ the comments and compliments are very appreciated ~ hugzz to each of you and I leave you with this be good to yourself and others as each of us struggles with something daily…Peace out ♥


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