Too Cute…

Waves hello to everyone and wishes that everyone enjoyed their weekend as mine was a mess and sometimes living with a roomie has huge disadvantages to the point that if I ever won the lottery I found the perfect Tiny House to buy ~ close to the beach, just enough room for me and no need to share ~ anyway life goes on and not going to dwell on that cuz I have a really simple hunt for you that is strictly on Marketplace called “Too Cute Marketplace Hunt” ~ A very short hunt that each prize will be 5L and looks like one of the easiest hunts around ~ let me give you a preview of one of the prizes that you can get ~

Glitter Top & Booty Shorts by :.C!L.: 

Welcome to Disco Land, a land of glitter and booty shorts!! This cute outfit is 100% Mesh and will fit – Classic (5 sizes), – Belleza(Venus,Isis,Freya), – Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, – Maitreya and TMP ~ All for only 5L ~ not bad for a very cute summer outfit that are separates so you can mix/match…course I have to show you the back of these booty shorts ~

Booty view 

Where to start let me give you the link that will start you on your journey and the nice thing is its short and easy peasy as with other hunts if you want to skip the store you have a list of all the places to take you to the next one ~ So grab the LINK and enjoy the hunt…Thank you to Celia Shepherd for giving me the opportunity to show off this cute outfit for you…Also let me apologize that I normally always post the credits as I said normally but this weekend had my brain in a tizzy and I logged before I saved my NC to give you the details ~ I so apologize and ask your forgiveness in this ~ stick around as there is lot more to come as I welcome my latest sponsor Alma who has some serious makeup that just cannot wait to show and tell you about ~ till next time please love yourself and others ~ Peace out !

Credits ~ Body by Maitreya, Hair by Due-Mizuhara, Skin Applier by DeeTaleZ -Merry, Shape by :::ChicChica, Brows by Lurid...Head by Catwa-Catya ~ Shot on Location of my private Studio using poses from LumiPro 2017


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