Something Different…

Gets out his lock-picks and jimmies the locks on Starr and Dena’s blog page and now for something completely different ~Hello Everyone! I am Sten, Starr’s husband (Or ex-husband after she reads her blog *just joking* ). I wanted to slip in a blog on gifts of other types, such as furniture. Two of my favorite places to shop at are Nerenzo and Naughty but Nice. Vic Nerido of Nerenzo and Sweety Enzo of Naughty but Nice create some wonderfully detailed items with top notch poses. And from time to time they offer their group gifts as a preview for what is yet to come. The quality of the gifts alone have always astounded me. Love the texture changes in the items.

As I stand outside cleaning up after another of my sexy wife’s sponsor parties (I love her but she can be a bit messy) I dump all the garbage into Nerenzo’s newest group gift, a business dumpster for that perfect urban scene.

Dumpster by Nerenzo *Group Gift*

You have both the adult and PG version of this product I recommend going to the store and trying out some guys since there is one pose that is strictly for a male (not something Starr would approve of me doing) that is all am gonna say on that subject…Here is the TAXI for the Inworld store ~ and here is the LINK for their Marketplace store ~ the other group gift they have given is Nerenzo round bench *adult*

Round Bench Adult Group Gift by Nerenzo

If you take the taxi to the store you will see they do have both PG & Adult just means well you know what that means LOL ~ this has some nice poses and also has become one of our favorite places to sit outside…Nice feature with this besides the poses is that you can change texture of bench and not bad prim wise but the detailing is on point..

Throne by Naughty but Nice 

A really nice group gift for May from Naughty but Nice  is this Throne that I will have to explore one night with the wife to find out what this is all about ~ lot of stuff that looking at the menu makes me think it will be a night of naughty fun for both of us ~ You have lot of choices for colors as well ~ a sturdy chair that will keep us busy for months ~ and the last gift that I want to show you is the Vintage Desk and Chair from Naughty but Nice too

Vintage Office Desk 

Details abound with this gift by Sweety from Naughty but Nice ~ from 5 sets of textures to all the poses especially if you are into [RLV} ~ again another gift that has become a permanent item in our home…TAXI to Naughty but Nice ~ for furniture I recommend always going to the Inworld Stores so you can try them out and yes bring your partner or that special someone just be careful not to get carried away LOL ~ Both stores have a large variety of items for anything you might be looking for with Vic of Nerenzo  leaning toward the outdoors and Sweety from Naughty but Nice leaning more indoors. I have bought a number of items from both creators and I highly recommend both Stores for the quality of their work and their customer service. Stop by to shop and be sure to join their groups. You won’t be disappointed! One last thing I did want to thank Vic & Sweety for their group gifts ~ I know many times creators are never thanked and it is time to tell them how much I enjoy and admire their work..Thank you Vic and Sweety!!!  Guess I better take my leave I see Starr in the distance closing in with that look in her eye…Take care and will post now and again since I do have the KEYS *chuckling…


“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
::ROC:: Leather Sneaker! Mid
Crazy White Boy -Dress pants
Crazy White Boy~ Dress shirt Italian
NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body
7 Deadly s{K}ins – Zyon
NIKITA**Wolf eyebrows
NIKITA**super dark gray eyes

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