Pressies from Prince…

Oh my gosh!! My Prince left so many pressies on my doorstep this morning as the day looked to be a gloomy and wet one it is filled with sunshine and smiles ~ well the weather is rather cloudy but am excited to show off what he left me ~ such a nice hooded gown that the fit is just dreamy….As I put it on for my daily walk around the grounds ~

Hooded Gown in Wine by Skyfire Designs

Covers my hair just flawlessly and I did notice in the package there is one in green and red too ~ that is lovely for Prince to include all the different shades for me as I am sure he thanked Skyfire Designs for providing all those to him …oh yes can you spot my latest necklace or rather potion holder ~ Prince includes this note with this box containing various ones but little confused by the meaning when he says “warning~gacha’s are evil” hmmm something about being very addictive and to stay away ~ but there are so many in here that Prince must of played a lot of times *giggling*


Potion Necklace by The Little Bat  

As I look at all the various potion bottles with names called  Endurance, Fear, Health, Intelligence, Luck, Mana, Pixie Tears, Poison, along with Venom, Vervain, Wolfsbain that come from the Merchant “The Little Bat”  I choose Strength to wear ~ that should give me resistance to those “gacha machines” that Prince speaks of…as his last gift is a very strange and most beautiful I slipped it on and stared at myself in the mirror…

Hope Catwa Applier Exclusive to UAC by Ab.Fab

A magical transformation that is from Ab.Fab and it truly enhances my look ~ smiling as I look and thanking it is not a radical change that I would not recognize myself and love my plump lips *giggling* as yes am a fan of a little pout not one that makes people wonder if I had them stung by bees and yes the fair maidens and even some queens will submit themselves to that torture to get that look but for me no no no …. I reach down and look at the boxes an packages from the Merchants alas they all came from UAC Medieval Faire ~ SEE it is very important and from the notice that fell out *showing you*


2017 UACMF_official_poster.png

It will still be ongoing till next month but from what I have seen and what others in the Kingdom have said it is so huge with so many tournaments, entertainment and my all time favorite activity shopping that you must must take my trusty STEED and go there to being otherwise you might miss something ~ lowering my voice in a whisper “its for this cause to unmask a cure for Cancer” yes we are going *shouting* “MEDIEVAL ON CANCER” !!!  Do not forget to come back am sure Prince or myself will have brand new stuff to show you until then love yourself and others ~ Peace be with you ♥


Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
!TLB – Potion Necklace/Strength
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Skyfire Designs hooded gown wine
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
{ wren’s nest } Lucienne Tweaked by Moi
AB.Fab ~ Hope Catwa Applier in Caramel

Shot on location of Medieval using poses from LumiPro 2017



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