Coke & A Smile…

Have a coke and a smile oh my…so first wanted to say thank you to all those that wished me a Happy Birthday and yes I had a great day celebrating with my SL Hubby and then had Chinese & ice cream cake with RL Roomie ~ just was a nice day ~ now to a couple of really well done props and a cute dress that both are at Designer Showcase this month that just have to show off to you ~

Coke Machine w/Bottle of Coke ~ by Zo Awesome

If you are an oldie but goodie like me you will remember the vintage coke machines that actually gave you small glass bottles that you had to use the opener to pop off the bottle cap ~ adjustable pose as well if you do have a Bento head you can give yourself one of those awesome coke smiles ~ cute dress right ~ its the Mona dress from DE Boutique that looks so adorable on and really fit as a vintage look ~ now gotta show you the other pose that Zo Awesome has as well

Homeward Bound

Alrighty Pardner waving my cowboy hat sitting in the dusty road just waiting for hubby to come pick me up cuz the “or bust” is not gonna work for me *giggling* but this prop is cute as well as adjustable in case you are like me and need to adjust yourself now that I got my Bento head but its fine ~ along with the hat is also can be adjustable too ~ but let me please stand up and turn around so you can see the back of this cute and flirty dress from DE Boutique

back view 

100% Mesh and for my Maitreya body just fits great ~ if you are worried about fit please try on the demo that is available.  Comes with a great Hud of 8 different choices that will really fit into your summer wardrobe along with being reasonably priced ~ again some great Designers this month at Designers Showcase that you need to grab my infamous TAXI and head over to scope everything out ~ alrighty now I need to go enjoy the rest of my birthday but will see you all soon to show off more goodies…Peace out ♥


CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
Coke Bottle (Just Add)
DE.Boutique Mona Dress Spring LARA
IKON Hope Eyes (right) – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[monso] My Hair – Jane
{ wren’s nest } Lucienne shape tweaked
Insol: ST04 ‘Copper’Daria
Props by Zo Awesome only at Designer Showcase

Shot on Location of my Studio & Residence 

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