Colors A Bound…

I truly think Spring is my favorite season because of all the flowers that are just blooming and the array of colors along with those fabulous scents really is an awakening ~ and the place for me is Calas where I know the owners Ty & Truck have worked so hard getting each of their 11 sims in the Spring Mode ~ just walking down the main part of Calas you see flowers every where ~ I love love all the different trees, flowers and you can tell all the hard work that went into landscaping and transforming to a wonderful Spring ~ simply gushing I know but I just added a little bit of flowers to my residence and that is easy peasy compared to what these guys ~ they do an awesome job with the detail, with choosing all the different trees and spring flowers for me its amazing…letting you know that Designer Showcase has opened their doors till the end of the month and this month I do believe all the designers are earning their 5 stars as when I took a peek and walked around the showroom I was just wow’d with all the creations and pssst no one pays me to say that LOL ~ when I give compliments or say I love an outfit or item I do mean it ~ my rl/sl friends think am a tad bit too upfront or straight up in my opinions at times but this is me am seriously not a kiss butt type of person LOL ~ gee wonder if that is why I never made mgmt in RL jobs *laughing* ok well anyway these next 3 items are just that ~ fun and flirty ~ so I will HUSH up and show them off to you…

Austin Skirt Outfit by Julz

I absolutely love this outfit by Julz from the biker style jacket, the color choices and that great skirt that just wants to make you twirl around and around ~ colors are so vibrant from the purple I am wearing to the rich Red, brilliant Blue just to name a couple ~ now the creator is aware of the issue with the top, which is why am showing it without it ~ but speaking with her she is creating another one that will fit under the jacket and those that purchased it she will be sending you the top once it is done ~ now that is true customer service ~ plus she is a sweety and works very hard on her creations ~ the jacket as you can see below

Jacket by Julz

See all the details from the zipper on the pocket along with the belt really makes this a standout for me and of course a keeper in my inventory ~ if you noticed I did accessorize with Moondance’s necklace that when you click on the gem you get a drop down menu that you can change each gem along with the metal of the necklace ~simple yet it is such a perfect piece of jewelry ~

Skirt by Julz

See the sheer layer over the skirt ~ that really makes this and completes this outfit perfectly..OH yes the shoes are also at Designer Showcase and the heels on these are unusual as well …

Shoes by Ghee

Instead a straight line heel it curves and see the metal studding on the underside of the heel ~ that is features that make it an outstanding shoe for me ~ ANOTHER KEEPER...

Now those items the Austin Skirt Outfit by Julz, the Curve Appeal Shoes by Ghee, and the Krissy Jewelry set by Moondance can be found at Designer Showcase ~ course you need a TAXI ~ wander around and wander outside as well there is always places that you can take some pics of your new stuff as well ~ cannot wait to show you more stuff but am not done yet with this blog post ~ you see I also have Julz as my sponsor too and she gave me the honor of showing off some of her items for Swank as well ~ which are gorgeous too ~

Mohave Aegean Fringed Short Dress by Julz @Swank

This dress is made out of leather ~ and looks yummy on doesn’t it ~ a nice touch with the fringe in the front and the length just makes this a great dress for a night of clubbing and dancing so you can show off those legs ~ body hugging but perfectly fits my Maitreya without any adjustments ~ this is not the only dress Julz has at Swank as the other one has a leaf pattern instead of being all leather ~ either one you will not be disappointed PLUS there is that fun flirty skirt outfit at Designer Showcase as well ~ your Spring wardrobe is filling up nicely at least mine is *giggling* and if you like Julz creations then hop over to Swank on the 7th and grab up her another outfit ~ until next time be good to yourself ~ PEACE out ♥


Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics 
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.14
CATWA TEETH Catya [Thin Tongue] v2.14
CCD – Nose Piercing
Ghee Curve Appeal Heels – Slink – Graphite ~ found at Designer Showcase
IKON Hope Eyes  Nymph
JULZ Austin Tulle Skirt Purple ~ found at Designer Showcase 
JULZ Austin Unzipped Cropped Biker Jacket Purple ~ found at Designer Showcase 
JULZ Mohave Aegean Fringed Short Dress Maitreya ~ found at Swank 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2.4
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands  – Casual
Shape ~ Mine 
Insol: ST04 ‘Copper’ 

Shot on Location of Calas using poses by Lumi Pro 2017 

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