Into the Sun…

Its middle March and looking out my window am seeing more snow ~ where my RL exists we have had 13 inches of snow and add 2 more inches from last nite~ I love snow during the winter and only if I do not have to shovel as I rather now pay someone with a snowblower to clean off driveway and sidewalk ~ yes its not being lazy it is knowing that my body is growing older and need to pamper it…my story sooo ~ on next thing is I am a profile reader and love looking at the profile pics ~ for me maybe its my upbringing or just being old school but I see profile that are just nasty with giving the ultimate finger or blazed across “F*ck You* ~ shaking my head and feeling sad but hey it is SL and I should not judge but I do ~ shame on me you are probably saying but I admit it ~ from some of the nicknames that are so blatant in sexuality to what is on their main profile am not stunned but saddened that they feel so less of themselves…and that is that on that subject so now onto this stunning dress that is part of Designer Showcase this month ~ the designer is not new just a change of name and I do have to thank my sweet sexy hubby for helping me out on where to show off this very classy dress ~ putting on my uber model look with hair from Shi this dress is one to impress ~

Rancho Mirage by Julz

First I noticed the high ruffled collar that I used to see on a lot of high fashion years ago ~ even thinking that Audrey Hepburn posed in a dress with one ~ the ruffle was carried down and across and I absolutely love the bow ~ if that was not enough to impress me the flower on the lapel did it ~ the fit for my Maitreya body was pure perfection and over all this just screams to me uber elegant ~ matching it with another Designer Showcase designer Moondance that has the options to change textures to just set off this outfit…Julz has given you 5 different color options to choose from and of course I chose purple to show you…let me give you a closer look

Into the Sun 

As I face the sun you can see the gorgeous ruffle and the flower on the lapel along with how Moondance jewelry gives it that added touch…this was shot on location of this fantastic Tea House that it was late but going back later to explore ~ landmark will be in the credits ~ and speaking of places here is your TAXI to get you to Designer Showcase so you can see the outfit and the jewelry up close…it is always so nice and very appreciated when I hear someone enjoys my blog ~ thank you to each of you for reading ~ and the comments and feedback is always welcomed ~ to my hubby big big kisses for the suggestion…please stick around as I will be showing off some stuff from different subscriptions ~ be good to yourselves ~ Peace Out ♥


.Shi : Ethereal . Dips
ANE Zodiac Collection – Ursa Major Earrings ~found  FLF past 
CATWA HEAD Catya  v2.10
CCD – Nose Piercing
Ghee SS17 Strapped Wedges SLINK HIGH
IKON Odyssey Eyes  – Nymph
JULZ Rancho Mirage Purple Blouse Maitreya
JULZ Rancho Mirage Purple Skirt Maitreya
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Maitreya Navel Piercing Good Baby
Moondance Boutique Bellisima Necklace
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2.4
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands  – Casual
-Belleza- Callie  Sunkissed

Shot on Location at Moonlight Teahouse using Poses by Image Essentials ~ Graceful Elegance Series

Designer Showcase

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