From Mistletoe and more…

The holiday season is a crazy time both in RL and SL ~ so many events and just not enough time as hubby and I haven’t had a lot of time to spend together so we made plans on his day off to finally get together to do our annual Christmas card and wanted to show off his outfit he bought me along with new shoes & stockings as well as these great poses from The Naughty List ~ he is such a sweetheart having unlimited amount well almost unlimited amount of patience as I make him change clothes couple of times till he was just so *laughing* then fiddling with lights, camera well you get the gist….anyway this is what I came up with to show off stuff….

Sten gently caressing my neck

Yes he was gentle but I wonder if he gave much thought as he wrapped his fingers around my throat *laughing* Love the shot thanks to LW Luanes World Pose *Power to Destroy* which this is their exclusive for The Naughty List

Under the Mistletoe w/hubby

Hubby really enjoyed this as he always enjoys being able to hold and kiss me and see me in an outfit that he bought me ~ those gorgeous Candy Cane shoes that come with a really fun Hud that I just had a blast trying different ones from Nocturnal’s Closet that are exclusive to this event ~ let me show you a different ideas I did with the Hud…

Candy Cane shoes by {NC}

Each part of the stocking, shoe, heel, bows, and candy cane can be changed to a variety of colors ~ I just love them ~ as you saw with the all white you can barely notice the cane so hey this is not just a limited item but for me I have no qualms wearing them year round…Oh before I plum forget the pose “Mistletoe Kiss” is a 10 GIFT by Joplin0 that you will find most vendors also have provided them and hey 10L gift for this cute pose that does come with the mistletoe is to me great ~ makes for either a nice Christmas Card one or just one to keep in your albums to look back on…all you gotta do is take the SLEIGH and you will be on to The Naughty List to wander, look and possibly buy…now stick around as I have been a tad under the weather am back in true form looking to show you more and more stuff ~ sadly my blogging partner Dena must of gotten what I had even worse and might not be back till after the holidays so please keep her in your thoughts ~ remember lets make December one of Peace and Goodwill♥


Izzie’s – Glitter Liptint gold
::DS:: Marrakesh Soodah Eyeshadow
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
(Chemistry) Long eyelashes
.:Joplino:. Mistle Kiss Prop Mistletoe
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
CCD – Nose Piercing
Gaall* Sensibility Maitreya
IKON Odyssey Eyes  – Sky
Magika – Drive
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2.4
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 – R – Casual
{N}Candace Cane Stocking~
{N}Candace~Shoes Slink
Glam Affair – Amberly – India


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