What’s coming….

Something Wicked is coming soon ~ come December 16th “Winter’s Hollow” arrives with all its eeriness and winter snow you will have a taste of things unique and a not your usual Christmas event as this will lean a little but what I have seen will delight you as the exclusives will on sale strictly for this and no where else but shall I let you see a peek as I went to take a look

Winter’s Hollow

As you land almost where am standing you can see this is hmmm not your average Winter fair nope but don’t be scared as nothing will leap out at you and no gore or blood will be dripping from the trees ~ as I wandered around I came upon this to my absolutely delight..

Watchers of Winter Solstice 

How magical they are ~ the polar bear, little elf and of course the Wizard  himself as I was honored to speak for a brief moment but only barely as he was instructing his crow to fly somewhere….Will tell you more about these magical beings from Beyond Majestic later but for now my time is up ~ please stick around as I am rushing around to show you more and the LM to Winter Hollow will be available when it starts on the 16th ~



Yes as the notice states this is not horror but a darker side of Christmas for those that enjoy Gothic, Solstice, Victorian and a touch of witchcraft….till then hugzz


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