Breakout for the Men….

Hey everyone am back with some outfits for the Males from Breakout ~ normally we do not really concentrate on focusing male outfits we are breaking tradition for this one time to show you some outfits specifically for the men from Breakout ~ we hope you will enjoy the pics and please do not hesitate to take this TAXI to Breakout‘s main store and grab up these great outfits….You can also find each of these outfits on Marketplace as well…

The Boss 

Outfit is complete as you can see and comes with a Hud to make various changes ~ am sure your guy will look just like The Boss in this suit…

The Agent 

This is just featuring the coat and turtleneck as well coming with a hud that gives your various choices

The Reservoir Dogs

This Outfit contains a Shirt with Waistcoat and Tie, a Shirt with Tie, Pants, Belt, Formal Shoes, Sunglasses, several Alphas and the HUD.

The Batchelor 

Lastly again another outfit that shows all included here Outfit Contains:
– Jacket-Vest-Shirt-Tie Combo (Can´t wear separately)  Pants & Hud  ~ Just showing a peek of some of the men’s outfits that Breakout has ~ thank you to my friend Kato for assisting me in modeling the clothes…I will be back soon with some more outfits from the Fit-Mesh event ~ till next time stay safe Dena♥

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