Weather outside is delightful…

Yes it is delightful and if you ever lived in Colorado or places that are cold the locals wear shorts during the winter with knee length socks and heavy sweaters that underneath they are wearing layers like long johns, turtlenecks and tshirts ~ tourists just couldn’t get over the fact that most were warm ~ even saw joggers with long johns on and shorts over top of them ~ my big thing living there was long as my feet were warm that was the key ~ nice heavy socks shoved into weatherproof shoes or boots ~ temps during the day got warm with the sun beating down but once that sun went down you grabbed your parka’s or ski jackets and bundled up cuz then it was burrrr cold…if I ever had to choose another place to live and could go there Colorado would be it ~ crisp an clean little more laid back then the hustle bustle of huge cities that is why I am where I am now living in slower lower Delaware on the coast where when it does get cold here the town is basically empty and I enjoy every moment…ok nuff about that ~ am back to show you one a great photo op at Salt & Pepper’s Main store that has transformed once again to a wintery delight…as you will see the horses and sleight are just amazing…yes I know hush and show…

Outfit courtesy of sass only at Frozen Fair 

This very cute and actually warm shorts and cropped sweater top is featured for now only at Frozen Fair ~ that hey time is ticking you now have 11 days of shopping left here ~ but think from the noise those horses are making I should talk fast ~

Cropped Sweater, Necklace, Candy Cane, Earmuffs

What you see from the above pic is included in this outfit ~ the necklace is adorable as you can see the tiny light bulbs and the spring of holly, great candy cane mouth candy ~ and the cropped sweater has a nice turtleneck with those cuffed sleeves…color and texture is another thing I love about this as it really sets off my hair by Fabia who is just one more vendor at Frozen Fair too ~ this hair is called Sabrina and am wearing it in Natural tones…little different for me but I think it goes well with this outfit…

Nice pair of earmuffs, along with the candy cane…

Too bad you cannot feel our toasty my ears are due to those earmuffs am wearing but they are along with the great view of that candy cane am enjoying sucking on…good flavor btw..

holly & light necklace 

Wanted to show you a better look at the necklace with the candy cane hanging off of it along with those cute tiny lightbulbs and the spring of holly ~ ingenious and sets off the outfit I love that…

Thigh High Socks & Pumps


These will keep your legs warm so you do not have to worry and the color is carrying over from the cropped top ~ overall I really give this outfit 5 stars with everything that is included that is quite a bit ~ plus size wise designer has taken that to heart and she has plenty of choices for you ~ all comes in Maitreya that fit me without major adjustments…take a ride on the TAXI and wander around ~ remember the gacha’s and the gifts that are waiting for you…as I hustle back home to change and get ready to show you more…I just realized that in the past 5 days I have done 13 blog posts ~ whew no wonder my head is spinning *giggling ok ok anyway thank you again for taking time out to read as am so appreciative and please remember lets make December a peaceful one ~ no hate ♥


mock] Bora Bora Rock Bottom Smokey With gloss(Lip/eye)
::DS:: Marrakesh Soodah Eyeshadow
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics 
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
(Chemistry) Long eyelashes
-FABIA- Mesh Hair <Sabrina> Natural Tones ~ Exclusive to Frozen Fair 
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Sovereign Eyes (left) – Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
sass [candy cane] ~ found at Frozen Fair 
sass [cropped sweater] found at Frozen Fair 
sass [earmuffs] found at Frozen Fair 
sass [holly & light necklace] found at Frozen Fair 
sass [low cut shorts] white found at Frozen Fair 
sass [thigh high pump] found at Frozen Fair 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2.4
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
^^Swallow^^ Open Me Belly Piercing – Maitreya Lara
Glam Affair – Amberly – India 

Shot on Location of Salt & Pepper Sim using poses by Noya in the Female Series 


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