More Peace on Earth Hunt…

This simply yet chic chiffon dress that is the prize in the globe at Store #110 Chateau Couture ~ again please know these designers have really outdone themselves with the prizes this year ~ little thank you maybe but if you do not like the prize just let it go and move on ~ if you need assistance please ask the designer in a notecard ~ this dress in my book is a keeper ~

Store #110 Chateau Couture

First I just love the color of the dress ~ might not scream Christmas but for me it is a very festive outfit ~ from the hemline to the sparkly texture in the insets in the waist ~ besides being strapless let me show you how the dress drapes in the back…

Back view


Really love how the hem drapes into a point ~ you can just feel the softness of this holiday dress as I did pair it with another designer that is also in the POE hunt ~ the snowflake stockings from the House of Ruby ~ Store *79  

Snowflake Stockings Store #79

These stockings really go well with the Chiffon Dress ~ just adds a little pop to it ~ I love the color with the snowflake pattern going up the back of the leg…to finish the outfit I wanted to accessorize with a stunning necklaces and drop earrings ~

Beloved Jewelry ~ Store # 87

Necklace and drop earrings are the Prize you will find at Store 87  when you find the globe ~ this set really sets off the Chiffon Dress so I do thank Beloved Jewelry for creating this stunning set ~ enjoy the hunt but make sure you are keeping track of these gorgeous prizes…will return with more ~ now I will not spoil your fun and tell where each globe is *giggling* that is why they call it a hunt…till next time thank you for taking time to read, follow and comment ~ Remember life is too short to hate ♥


My apologies my NC got crunched and the credits were somehow not recorded ~ first time that happened ….ty for understanding

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