Love those Pretty Shoes….

With MOoh being our newest sponsor I am here today to show you these very high platform soled stiletto shoes from MOoh… Called Poppy… Covered in little hearts and topped off with a sweet bow to the front..Before I show you them thought give your some tidbit about “Poppy” ~ I love poppies in real life as they come in different colors and sizes just like people do and was really interested to find out a little about them and share it with you….Did you know that they have very few leaves and just a single flower and they thrive best in disturbed soil. Then the seeds and oil from this plant can be used to make Opium.Morphine,Codeine,Heroin,and Methadone as well as many other things including becoming an Aphrodisiac as well as an analgesic. This is nature at its best, most things we have in the plant world are used to treat illnesses we just have not found them all as yet…..Hope you find them facts as fascinating as I did. Now let me show you these gorgeous shoes called “Poppy” from MOoh…

Poppy in Red by MOoh

They come with a Hud that will offer so many ways of wearing them and the fact that you will be able to match up with most of your outfits is a win/win

Poppy in Grey/Pink 

You can see the detailing that has gone into making these a very versatile shoe to wear from the double strap to the ankle to the heart details on the platform and with the added bonus of the extensive Hud  has given with these you can have so much fun with it..Created for Slink, Maitreya and Belleze but remember feet are not included…So pop along to the store and check them out along with all the other good buys and look  into joining the group as there are a lot of great benefits…TAXI there you go ~ till next time please be safe ~ Dena ♥


Shoes by MOoh ~ shot at Starrs studio ~ using poses from *MM*

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