The Event that Wasn’t

Santa, Me & Snowman Sad

Yes Santa, Myself and Mr. Snowman are saddened by the latest scams ~ yes I know SL is filled to the brim day after day with cons and scams but this one for me to blog really takes the prize ~ especially using charities and targeting a specific genre makes me angry enough to finally blog about this ~ yes I waited to see if this would take place before I decided to blog about it ~ sadly it was a “take the money and run” ~ so let me get on with exposing this creep and whoever was associated with this making them aware ….

The event that was to take place was to be called Offbeat Christmas Extravaganzaand let me quote was it was intended for “We will be raising money for the families of the victims in Orlando, Florida as well as Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids” and they gave a site you could go to, which is no longer available how convenient along with the Sim that was dedicated and set up where we first met up with this individual to show us but now that is gone as well along with several of his alts ~ “no longer found” is the message when you try to find them in search but funny weeks go by and another individual shows up with basically the same profile who is now CEO of another TV station ~ and sadly conned some good friends of mine out of money that was to go for “World Aids” charity ~ I met Kyle Burnum who in turned had alts male, female, etc. who in turned created another personna call Jaylon Tyrel who also has conned friends out of monies as well ~ my wish is whoever this person is gets banned from SL for life….to use a guise of charities to steal is unacceptable and the lowest form of a con ~ to those that were scammed and conned out of money my heart goes out to you ~ hugzz ~ this blog post was just to ask people to be careful as there are great charitable work in Second Life like Relay for Life and others ~ thank you for taking time to read ~ till next time ~

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