Little bit of Monthly Madness …

Each month I keep saying am gonna do a blog about the Monthly Madness event ~ first if you haven’t heard about it let me give you a brief description ~ on the first Friday of each month something magical happens ~ “Monthly Madness” where designers from all over set out 2 gifts on this special MM board ~ one for Midnight and the other for noon ~ whats special about these is EXCLUSIVE only to this event ~ and there is a 1500 limit for each item when that number is hit the board stops gift giving and you will either have to wait till the noon or the last chance that takes place on Sunday at a designated time ~ this is such a BIG deal that I know people set their alarms to make sure they are awake at the stroke of SL Midnight ~ a list of upcoming designers is set out to tease and entice us as the time grows nearer then as it gets just days before another notice with a link to where we can see all the designers items that will be on those boards…the fun begins ~ because the designers are so fantastic like Empire, Wicca, as well as Apple May who really puts her heart and soul into this project making it truly a success as do each designer gives you something special ~ possible in the morning it might be a top that will have the skirt for the afternoon ~ the group gets to buzz about the closer it gets as the anticipation just goes wild ~ but…for all the craziness of everyone crowding in to one spot to touch the board to claim their prize there is no cussing, no rudeness of screaming at someone ~ it is actually chaotic but organized chaos ~ so back to this months goodies ~ Dena and I were able to get all the midnight items at least one from either midnight or noon ~ some go very quick like Empire seems to be the first to lock up but I patiently waited till noon and made that my first stop ~ success ~ let me show you some of the goodies that you might of missed out on ~ ooh yes before I forget there is no charge unless you want an xtra hud or missed out on either and going for the last chance that is almost basically free at such a low price ~

Wicca on the left ~ Masoom on the right

I was able to get both Midnight *heels* with the Noon prize the Corset that I am wearing all from Wicca ~ great detailing on the chains and the back ~ Dena is wearing Masoom’s Midnight item along with the heels from Astralia ~ huge thanks goes out to all three designers from Wicca, Masoom and Astralia ~ next up

Caboodle Top & Skirt 

The top was the midnight prize and the skirt was at noon ~ really making a great outfit as well the designer did offer other color packs for a slight additional cost ~ I just like this color combination ~

Salt & Pepper 

Uber sexy dress that both Dena & I wanted to show off as doubles ~ came with the arm bands, and the metal pasty and let us both turn around to show off that sexy back view

Salt & Pepper 

Love the sexy chain with the little drop of metal that keeps it just sexy enough…and both of us are wearing heels from Apple May ~ Dena is showing off the Midnight and mine are from the afternoon ~ oh there were lotz more gifts a total of 15 designers create such fantastic prizes and if you would like to see them all click HERE ~ from Dena and myself we are hugely thankful to each of them for the outstanding gifts that are provided each month…and for Apple May that works hard at keeping it all together for us providing us the TP hud to get around and lastly to all the other group members that show each other respect and courtesy ~ this truly makes it a fun event for all ~ hugzz to all and remember life is too short to hate ♥

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