From the depths of my closet….

Hi All,
Good to be back bringing you another one of my closet finds…. Am not sure what Starr meant when she told you it was going to be edgy but will let you be the judge and will welcome any comments you may have ..:)..(only joking Starr..*Giggles*)…But having trampled to the back of my closet I came across an outfit that I had put together from a Marketplace store called [Breakout]  and the Inworld Store   ~ course with such an “edgy or bad-ass outfit I needed a place to go and Starr grabbed me and we went to “Foggy Swamp”

Dare to go…

But have to warn you if you go there to watch out for the dead souls of wandering ghosts
is a fine line between the living and the dead as you could find out if you stray from the paths you may even hear faint whispers of past souls as their chilling presents linger…..DON’T say you have not been warned….Lot of work went into this Sim and see the touch me tag ~ touch and get some info about the sim and how long will it be around…and no am not gonna tell you anymore except about this outfit am wearing ~

Outfit by [Breakout]
This is 2 separate pieces starting with the biker vest called “Old Lady Biker Vest” For those of you out there that are bikers or just love leather am sure you will enjoy wearing this…The vest top comes with the bra and both have elaborate studding to them which you can wear as separate pieces and this is 100% mesh comes in regular sizing so am sure you will find one to fit.. wearing this with my Maitreya body and as you can see it fits really well…You will also be pleased to know that it comes with a color hud so you can have plain colors as well as the an assortment of grunge or edgy well as being enabled to have your patches from your MC on, which is really a nice feature ~ the pants that you see are called “Badass Biker Pants” that are for either gender ~male or female ~ another plus the designer thought about ~ and also comes with a great Hud as well ~ both items will really be a great addition to your wardrobe ~ if you are a biker this is probably a must have but both have demo’s and suggest you try those out before buying ~ Have to say a lot of time and effort has been put into the making of this outfit so many thanks to Vivelle who is the designer/owner of [Breakout] for all the hard work..Be Safe Till Next Time ..Hugz Dena


.::WoW Skins::. Cherry lips add on
Lumae :: Eyelashes // Longer
#adored – cruz shadow – purple
-Glam Affair – Romy Brow ( Jamaica )
:{WS}: Kawaii Blush – Tomato (R-RO)
-Glam Affair – Romy Cheeks ( Jamaica ) 
(Caroline’s) Apollo Pearl Choker (White/Silver) (T)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands  Casual
[BREAKOUT] Biker Bra Female 
[BREAKOUT] Biker Vest Female 
[BREAKOUT] Female Pants – Leather Belt
-Glam Affair – Romy skin –  ( Jamaica )
.:: DELISH ::. Kimora Eyebrow Shape
IKON Destiny Eyes – Starfall 

Shot at Foggy Swamp using poses from Noya female pose series

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