Welcome K-Otic ….

I want to say welcome and thank you to my newest sponsor K-otic ~ as I found them courtesy of SL Support so kudo’s to them as well ~ it is always fun to discover new designers and not that K-otic is not new as they have been around for several years, but they are very new to me and possibly to all my readers as well so it is a win/win for everyone as I will show you the different items and where you can go get them ~ K-otic also is on Marketplace as well as Inworld  but today am focusing on the events that they are in ~ let me get to it instead of rambling like I normally do…*giggling* hey am a rambler what can I say…*smiling*

Winged Nut Rings 

These rings which I found so interesting are at the Black Dot Project…it opens tomorrow the 11th ~ and please look around at all the other items K-otic will have available for you as well ~ back to these unique rings ~ there are one for each hand ~ and comes with a truly great HUD ~ you can change the main ring like the pic below shows you

Main Ring changed via Hud 

The Hud gives you 9 different color choices for the Main Ring as well as other choices ~ as I have showed you 2 variations ~ you also have 3 choices for the band it self and you can see I chose black, the mini rings located on the fingers as well you have 3 choices ~ and you also have those little buds that I made purple that you have 9 choices ~ this will really give your inventory a boost using that one hud to completely change how this ring looks ~ a keeper in my book for great value ~ Next up is the exclusive item for Mad Circus 2 ~

Pentagram Skirt 

K-otic has several items for Mad Circus but this skirt is the exclusive and you won’t see this in the main store ~ the designer has also made a really great HUD for this skirt as well ~ with several different choices to the skirt ~ main colors are Black, Red, White with 6 different pentagram color choices ~ you also have lace color and those lace cover holes as well with 3 each ~

Black Version of Skirt

You can see I did choose my fave color PURPLE *said it in caps because a certain sweety thinks I never told HIM my favorite color…giggling ~ lets see if he reads this far to comment on it ~ anyhooo this mini skirt sits right on your hips that you can wear one of your favorite belly rings or chains to accessorize ~ this is 100% mesh that does fit each different Mesh Body ~ as it fit my Maitreya perfectly ~ while you are there looking at all the other items being offered remember to check out the 10L gift too ~ there is a pic so you can see what you are buying ~ Mad Circus will run till the end of the month but so many other events I would not procrastinate too long or you just might miss out on this ~ here is your TAXI directly to K-otic site at Mad Circus ~ and last but not least is the item for TWE12VE

Short Leg Warmers 

Starting again with my favorite colors and a side view so you can see even though am on my tippy toes how these gorgeous leg warmers look on ~ from the fit to the rich color and texture I do love them ~ as am learning from this also comes with a really great HUD ~ you can choose from Solids or Patterns with 7 different options each ~

Splatter Pattern 

Right in time for Halloween that fits with the theme of Haunted ~ which giving the next pattern those spooky skeletons ~

Spooky Skeletons 

Looking for an added addition to accessorize look at these cute skeletons that you can wear with your costume ~ giving you room to wear shoes or boots or whatever footwear you choose…this event will start on the 12th just a reminder when I give you the taxi ride cuz I rather not see you tp’d back home due to the event being closed ~ but here is your RIDE for TWE12VE ~

There you have my newest Sponsor K-iotic items and where you can go to purchase them ~ will give huge thanks to Cheyanne Luik for offering me a blogger position ~ and to my readers I again appreciate you taking time out to read and possibly follow me ~ hugzz to all and please remember life is too short to hate ♥


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