Have you heard….

Have you heard about the upcoming Moolto hunt ~ this was one of the hunts that I really looked forward and thought it was just lost and gone forever ~ here is a little history about Moolto ~

In July, it was announced that Moolto.com was going to close because the original owner, Maxes Loon no longer had the time due to real life constraints. Not to worry, Vampirepam has “injected” new life and energy into moolto.com. She and her team have many plans to continue to evolve while continuing to offer the same valuable resources and services that has made moolto a go to sim and website since 2011. We are here to stay.

Founded in 2009, Moolto.com has been a long running presence in Second-Life, offering valuable services including advertising opportunities, hunts, contests and more. “I intend to continue the same vision of growing a vibrant community exclusively for SL Avatars, in addition to providing new and relevant services. My vision is to continue to grow the loyal community that was founded by Maxes Loon and to breathe new life into the organization bringing it forward to the SecondLife of today. Think of the new moolto as moolto 2.0!”

To kick off the new Moolto.com Vampirepam and her team have organized a new version of the “sisters hunt” made famous by moolto.com that is called simply “Moolto Hunts” which will be themed based upon the quarter and offers gifts for both men and women. The current Hunt is the “Madness Hunt”, where designers will have gifts in the Halloween/Horror/Fall theme. Participants will need the “Magic Glasses” to collect their gifts. They can stop by Moolto.com Headquarters and pick up the glasses as well as the matching outfits for men and women created by some of the top brands in SL.

Best of all this themed hunt will take place October 15 – November 15th and is a $0 L hunt that offers fabulous gifts to get you fashionable for this spine tingling season. Hunters can only collect gifts if they belong to the Moolto.com Group AND wear the Moolto Glasses! Glasses can be picked up from any kiosk.

Am xcited and honored to be one of the bloggers for this hunt ~ this year there are even cute outfits to wear ~ one for females and one for the guys ~ I truly think it is adorable…

Moolto Hunt Outfit 

They have incorporated the Moolto colors into this outfit ~ and truly love the oversize glasses that must be worn during the hunt to get the prizes ~ the hunt starts Oct 15th and will updating you with more information is available to me ~

Moolto Kiosk 

I went directly to Moolto Headquarters  and see the top where that ummm hungry cupcake is sitting well just click on that and you will receive a folder that has the glasses and the hunt outfit ~ there will be other kiosks available when the hunt starts but if you would like to get your glasses ahead of time you can go directly to the main headquarters.

Dena and I will be showing off various prizes for this hunt and looks like there are some great things that Dena before she left has one made up which I will be posting for her tomorrow….to all my followers, and first time readers it is very appreciated that you take time to read and possibly follow my blog ~ till next time remember life is too short to hate ♥ ~ hugzz


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