Finally am back….

Things have been hectic ~ my RL move was one of the worst ones that I have done ~ guess now I can laugh but it was a total nightmare ~ sadly a childhood friendship was destroyed and the details are not needed just sad ~most of the stress has just basically disappeared along with I am not walking on eggshells ~ after moving in I spent most of the next couple days in bed with a 24 hr virus ~ Landlord has some issues with getting the internet back up and running but understood sometimes things are out of your control ~ plus it got me outside riding my bike to the beach and taking some pics ~

Thank you to my sweetest SL Hubby Sten and my besty Dena for their support in all this mess ~ I will be getting back into blogs now that I have internet ~ my apologies to those groups that I let down especially Rock Your Rack and Designer Showcase ~ I understand life goes on and if you are not able to blog no matter what I can see the justification of being removed…no hard feelings only disappointment that I was unable to fulfill my obligation…To my followers please stay tuned….hugzz

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