Giving Thanks….

Hey am back and bet you didn’t think I would be back this fast well me either but you know when they say strike while the iron is hot I got inspired by speaking with a creator from the S.O.S. Festival ~ very nice man Jag Jetcity that has several items at the Home & Garden section ~ it is always nice when you get compliments from a vendor when you blog their items and even nicer when another creator gives a compliment to you on a post that didn’t even feature them ~ so we got to speaking and curious me asked what items he had ~ and one thing led to another with me unpacking the 3 items am like “OH what great items” then again me being me asked was there any special meaning to this particular one …ooops why am I rambling when I can just show you which one ~ sheesh my baad…

Survivor Ladder  by Magnum Opus 

Reading the words One Step At A Time really just hit me and when he told me the back story about creating this for Relay for Life but also wanted to include it in this festival as well I was struck thinking each of us can use those words in our lives ~ those words just inspired me well all his items did as I will show you the rest…

Fall Decor ~ 

This is really nice for decorating your land for Fall ~ love the pumpkins and those leaves that seemingly look like they have just fallen down ~ so well done from the textures to the great colors of the pumpkins….

We all Need this 

To give thanks to whatever reason like being alive or having friends or well you get my gist ~ these wooden blocks are very inspiring to me ~ along with this entire Festival and what all the monies will go towards helping out Doctors without Borders ~ I truly give thanks to each of them that dedicate their lives to going where so many refuse to go because of their political or religious beliefs but these Doctors put their own lives at risk to give help to others in need and that I think these words are so appropriate to give thanks that there are people in this world like Drs without Borders ~ yes am so passionate about this and am glad to see every designer/creator has put so much effort into this ~ again huge thanks to Jag Jetcity from Magnum Opus for letting me show off his creative items ~ now you can find these items and others in the Home & Garden Sim ~ so please click HERE to be whisked away ~  make sure you take time to check out his items please then wander around all the other sims as well…HUGZZ & remember life is too short to hate…

SOS Logo


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